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Are you really far away?

I can’t believe
you are so far away,
for I can perceive
your presence all through my day.

I feel your presence –
…in the warmth of the wind.
…in the softness of a flower.
…in the darkness of the night.
…in every beat of my heart.

The essence of our bond
takes me breath away.
You are always in my mind
regardless of night or day!



Lost without you!

My mind tries hard to focus on one thing or another.
My heart always wants to wander in your memories, rather.
Without you around, time seems to stand still.
Days and nights don’t seem to give me thrill.

I feel lost when I’m away from you.
I go here and there in search of you.
You are my heart and you will always be.
Come back soon to forever be with me.


What have you done to me!

Like the sun ends the darkness of night,
You lead me into a world of bright light.

Like a river gushing down from a mountain top,
Your thoughts flow in my mind non-stop.

Like a rainbow makes every eye stare in wonder,
Your colorful personality makes my heart grow fonder.

Like the enduring shade under a tree,
Your endless support has set my soul free.

Like the cloud bursting into droplets of rain,
Your absence causes me to weep in pain.

Like all the newborns who know no harm,
Your innocence is what does all the charm.

Like the unique smell of rose, oh so sweet,
You are the only one that can sweep me off my feet.

Like a leaf that glides with a moving stream,
You make me float in the beauty of our silent dream.


What have you done to me, my dear? Without you around, my mind and my heart are never in harmony! You are my dream, you are my love!


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