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A few moments of joy…

… amid the chaos called life.

When was the last time you cherished a sunrise or a sunset? When was the last time you got drenched in that monsonn rain? When was the last time you truly enjoyed the first snow in winter? When was the last time you went out for a moonlit walk? When was the last time you stopped to listen to birds chirping? When was the last time you enjoyed the little pleasures of life instead of taking them for granted?

From time to time, I get so carried away in the memories that mark the past, the ever-changing waves of the present or the unpredictable future. But there are these moments of pure pleasure I experience amidst all the chaos. Today, my moment of joy was the rain that I woke up to – it brought immense joy.

What is it that I exactly feel on a rainy day? What makes me love rain so much? How can just a few moments watching the raindrops fall give me all the comfort I can ask for? Every time I live through a rainy day, I desperately try to find words to describe what my heart wants to say. And all my efforts have always been hopeless.

There is something so appealing and captivating about rain. Rain, the image of purity, transforms me, my mood. Everything around me appears to be part of a paradise. Everyone, somehow, seem to perfectly complement my state of mind. Everywhere, serenity prevails. Rain fills me with a delight for life. Rain brings out the child in me. Rain encourages me to aim for perfection. Rain immerses me in so much zeal for life. Rain becomes a source of my inspiration to make others happy in the smallest ways possible. Rain makes my heart grow in fondness. Rain sets fire to my romance with life !

And life is good !

What is it that brings out that spark in you every once in a while?

PS: Thank you to all my dear readers who wrote to check if all is well with me. I’m really grateful for all the attention and care you have sent my way !



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