Hello 2009 !

A distant thud
bringing light across the night sky.
Looked as if the stars gathered
to wish everyone joy.
As the fireworks vanished into the cloud,
people began to wish aloud –
Happy New Year !

I can’t believe it is 2009 already. Time flies by, doesn’t it? Every year is special in it’s own way and the past year was no different. It was yet another roller coaster ride. I enjoyed the high points to the fullest and carried myself out of the low ones as a much stronger person. All in all, I learned to cherish each and every moment…

Coming into the New Year, I do not have any big resolutions. I don’t see the point in it… I lose track of it after a while, anyways. I just want to take each day as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest. Every day brings about new chances and all I want to do is take advantage of it – try new things, visit new places, brighten someone’s day , read a lot, go green in every possible way, etc.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year !


  1. #1 by BG on January 6, 2009 - 4:41 pm

    happy n a prosperous new year to u n ur family… have a great year ahead…


  2. #2 by bhuvi on January 6, 2009 - 8:42 pm

    happy new year to u too dear. acc to me resolution takin is good in sense we do sumthing good for ourselves. othewise theres no chance for change most of th times.


  3. #3 by Titaxy on January 6, 2009 - 6:36 pm

    Thanks and wish you the same !


  4. #4 by Titaxy on January 6, 2009 - 9:04 pm

    Thanks and wish you the same !

    Why wait for a new year to think about any changes in the form of a resolution? I think we can do it anytime we want, if we are willing… No need to set special timing for it…


  5. #5 by Sabita on January 7, 2009 - 1:26 am

    Hehe…resolutions are made to break!!!


  6. #6 by Titaxy on January 7, 2009 - 2:29 am

    Yea, very true… 🙂


  7. #7 by Nitin on January 17, 2009 - 4:49 pm

    nice poem gal. wish u a very blessed and happy 2009.


  8. #8 by Swaram on March 8, 2010 - 5:49 am

    Well written again. Am so glad I read thru ur archive 🙂

    Thanks !


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