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“Amma, I’m pregnant…”

…I tell my mother, showing her this pic.

And she says, “I doubt that you are pregnant. Are you really?”

“I don’t know, what does it look like?”, I say, showing her another similar pic.

“When did you get your last periods?” asks the shocked soul.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter now, does it?” I say, to add fuel to the fire.

“Ok fine. No point talking about all this now. Let’s go to a doc for a check-up and confirmation”, exclaims my anxious Amma.

And this was the cue for me to freak out…

“What the hell, no mother, I’m not pregnant. I was just joking.” I say, in an all panicky tone.

“Wait. What am I supposed to believe now? Let’s just go for a check-up to make sure, ok?”, says my concerned Mother.

“No Ammi, I was just posing for the pic, it’s just air between my tummy and my top. I’m not really pregnant. I was kidding.” I try to convince her. “I just wanted to see your reaction. I thought you knew me better; that you would know I was joking. Hmmm…”

“I knew, my dear. I knew you were joking and I just played along. You should have known better…” she says, with a wide grin on her face.

Oh well, the plan to shock my mother backfired. Now it’s Appa’s turn. But since I know for sure what his reaction would be, I won’t take that chance ;-)… The joke stops here :-).



Happy Anniversary !

She was this beautiful girl with hopeful eyes and a dreamy smile eagerly waiting to start a new phase of her life. He was this tall, dark dude with a scary moustache 😉 all excited about sharing his life with her.

This was 26 years ago. They got married then and have been together ever since.

Happy Anniversary, Amma and Appa ! I love you both !


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