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Without you…

…I feel like a not-so-busy bee,
who is lost in this wild world, don’t you see?
…My days are moving slower than ever,
as you aren’t there to aid my fervor.

…I am left out of the loop, just a wee,
but even that I can’t just let be.
…My only aim is to get you back forever
sooner the better or better late than never.

Just a little while without you, and I’m already feeling blue.
Hope you get going again soon putting an end to this moan.

No, no I did not write the above keeping any Price Charming in mind (past, present or future). I wrote it for the WWW. Yes, the Internet. Laptop had some issues and wouldn’t connect to any network and, as you just read, I did not take it well. While the techs were working on getting it fixed, I was left with nothing much to do but write.

Yeah, I know that was lame, but hey what the heck !



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