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A Tale of Two Cars…

Folks at The Self Love Project tagged me to do this story-behind-the-picture post.

The rules of the tag are:

  • Open your first photo folder.
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo.
  • Post that photo and story on your blog.
  • Tag others.

So, without further ado, here is the photo that made it to the limelight today, followed by the story behind it –

Twin Cars

Little more than a year ago, I went on a trip to Las Vegas with my friends. And this photo was taken on the second day of the trip when we went to visit the famous Hoover Dam.

After we were done sightseeing, we came back to our (rental) car to head back to Vegas and get on with the rest of the vacation plan. All our efforts at trying to open the car doors failed. Yes, we had the key, but for some reason it was of no use. We tried everything from banging the doors to begging to the car to open, but nothing worked.

It was a test of our patience vs. the car’s stubbornness, it looked like. And the car won. Well, almost…

Just as we gave up trying to open the doors, we realized something…we saw that the car parked next to ours was identical to ours. So all this time, instead of trying to open our car, we were trying hard to break into its twin. Twins they were, for sure. Not only were they of the same make, model and color, but also an almost identical license plate…ours was 238-VFD while the other was 236-VFD.

Weird, but true !

Now I tag – BlueMist, Nu, Meira and Sakshi.

P.S: Added quite a few photos to my Photoblog… go check that out !



“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

A friend asked me for a favor couple of weeks ago and I readily agreed that I would do it. But, conveniently enough, I forgot all about it until I saw a reminder email from him today morning.

Yes, that’s the kind of friend I am – forgetful, careless and hopeless, overall.

How is it, then, that I have some awesome friends who are just the opposite? Like SS.

I called SS today afternoon to ask him for a favor. Even before I finished the “will you do me a favor?” question, he told me that he would be more than happy to do anything. No second thoughts. No million how/what/why/when questions. But just a simple, yet a definite assurance that he would take care of the needful.

Also, he mentioned that anytime I needed anything, he would be glad to offer a helping hand. He did not utter this in an I-know-you-so-this-is-a-formality kind of way, but he expressed this in the most genuine way possible. And that put a smile on my face.

Why am I rambling all about this now? I don’t know, really; I don’t know why I started writing this post or where this is going…

It just surprises me, at times, that I’m surrounded by people who are so good, so selfless. I can’t get myself to believe that I have come across and have become friends with such beautiful souls. I might not be as a good a friend to them as they are to me, but I try. So yeah…for all the nicest people that I’ve come across, I’m thankful and more! I’ve so much to learn from each and every one of you !!!


Happy Birthday !

You shower me with so much love…
That it makes me feel like I’m heavens above.
You impart knowledge, so immense…
That, without you, life would make no sense !

You amaze me with so many ways…
That I run out of words as I try to write your praise.
We argue, we fight…but that is all just a phase…
After all, you are the mighty star that brightens my days!

You gave me life and you protected me in your nest…
With you by my side, I do everything with zest.
Many people I’ve seen, but you stand out as the very best.
To be your daughter, I must be much blessed !!!

Happy Birthday, Appa. I love you !



“I kissed a friend”

…I tell my mom.

“A guy or a girl?” she asks.

“A guy.” I tell her, expecting to hear a lecture.

“What? Really? Sounds interesting, tell me more…” she says, waiting eagerly for my reply.

Tell me, please, how am I supposed to react to that??!!?!??!?!

Alright, before you starting imagining all juicy details about what this is all about, let me tell you what really happened.

Since the day I taught my mom how to use the smileys (especially, the ‘kiss’ smiley) on gtalk, she sends me a good morning message everyday with a few kisses. And if I’m online and happen to notice her message, I reply back with just as much love.

Today, things took a turn…

Well, a friend and I were chatting on gtalk today when my mother pinged me with her usual message. Being the nice daughter that I am, I replied with a million kisses but only on the wrong window. And I did not even realize it. Until the friend, after taking a long pause and deep breath, said, “Did you just kiss me?”, with all awkwardness. After which, I had to explain to him that it wasn’t for him and that it was for my mother, etc.

And that’s when I told my mother I kissed someone and she got all eager to know the spicy story behind it. My mother, I tell you…her reactions are just beyond belief, at times. I’ve so much to learn from her…Only if I can be as cool as her if I ever decide to give motherhood a chance!

I love you, Amma!!!


The Comedy of Errors…

…is what kept me away from home last evening. Yupe, went to see this Shakespearean play at the Common yesterday. It was fun, this being my first theater experience in the US and all. The performance was amazing, weather was perfect, and all this for free.

What more can one ask for, you are thinking, right?

Well, just a little bit of ‘keep your mouth shut’ exercise when the play is going on, I must say.

There was this bunch of people sitting behind us chatting with one another non-stop…especially about how they don’t understand what’s going on and how it’s all just too confusing.

To the smarty-pant bunch,

If you don’t understand or don’t seem to like it, then leave. Yeah, it’s as simple as that. Don’t sit around saying ‘Kya Shakespeare, kya comedy. I don’t get it. Blah Blah.’ That just makes you sound like an ill-mannered idiot. Yes, that’s right. Besides, it makes it hard for the others sitting around you to concentrate on something they like and enjoy. So stop yapping and leave. Just leave. Good for you, good for us!

Thanks (NOT!).

Anyway…yeah, I had a great experience, overall.


Now to what I, apparently, did while watching the play (‘apparently’ because I do not recall doing it. 😦 ).

After the play, as I was getting up to leave, I realized that my legs were buried under grass. Ok fine, I might be exaggerating it a bit, but there really was soooo much grass on me, if not me being buried in it. And the only logical thing that seemed to me at that time was to blame SB for doing it. Because he was the one sitting next to me, so I immediately assumed he did it. I went on and on accusing the man every 2 seconds as and when I saw ants crawling on me.

Me blaming him for doing it and him claiming he didn’t do it went on until he explained how I could’ve done it to myself without realizing what I was doing.

HUH?’ I thought.

He said that I might have been too engrossed in the play, just as he was, and might not have consciously registered that I pulled out all the grass around me just to decorate my otherwise plain lap and legs.

As much as that clarification made sense to me, it just makes me sad. My tiny little brain can only remember pulling out 2 grasses. Yes, it remembers two, exactly two, no more. It can’t remember the two thousand that were merrily resting on me :-(.

Bah. I’m just hopeless!


“How bad could it be?”…

…is what I thought while starting a short hike into the jungle all by myself. Everything from a mosquito to a butterfly scares me, true. But I assumed I could handle them all this time around. And I was right. None of those insects bothered me and when they did I was brave enough to shoo them away…

A few mins later, I spotted a snake crossing my path just a few feet ahead. A little one, sure, but a scary one nonetheless…I stopped for few seconds, gathered my breath and told myself that this was it. That this was the worst that could happen. That there could not be anything scarier waiting for me.

I start walking with a great sense of accomplishment. If I could handle that, I can handle it all, I assumed.

And that’s when it hit me that I couldn’t be more wrong. Few steps more and I spotted this. This crawling creature that looked like it belongs to the lizard family was more than enough to scare me to death.

Scary as hell...

Scary as hell...

After this, I didn’t dare look down even once before I met with MD, who hiked from the other end of the loop. The walk from the point I spotted thing to when I spotted MD was scary as hell. I felt like there were lizards crawling all over me. Of course, there was nothing, but that’s how paranoid I was.

The only things (??) that have the power to halt my heart beat are lizards / roaches. Not sure if I will ever get over this fear!!!


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