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No caller-id?

Hello…all set for six?

Yeah, I’ll see you at the library.

Library? No…the museum, remember?

Museum? That’s on the other side of the town…won’t help if we are to reach Ann’s by seven…come to the library, ok?

Ann, who? Who am I talking to?


Oh, I’m sorry, I think I dialed the wrong number.


Lame, I know. But many such “wrong number calls” would’ve happened before the days of caller-id, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend, folks !





…with my sisters, till we dropped, is one of the fondest memories from my teenage years.

It was like a ritual. Every other weekend or so, we would play random songs on youtube and try to follow the moves of the dancers. This was one the few things that we did together…just the three of us.

Mom would be around…she would sit nearby so she can watch us and make sure we didn’t see some video we weren’t supposed to make sure nothing got out of control. Dad would be in his own world, most of the times…but he would stop by the room at least once to warn us about the possibility of the house collapsing if we continued.

But none of that mattered…because this was our time together and we continued to bring down the house until we got tired.

It used to be a lot of fun…I miss all that now.

Especially today, when I was listening to songs on my way home and felt like dancing jumping around. And since I skipped gym session in the evening, I thought I could make up for it this way. So as soon as I came home, I played a song…

But I couldn’t get my feet to move…because it wasn’t the same.

I missed the two souls that taught me the moves. I missed those sweet voices that hummed the songs along while dancing. I missed those hands that always held mine. I missed the other two pairs of happy feet. I missed my sisters…I missed their company.

And I realized that without them, it will never be fun.

So I pinged my sister and told her what happened…the sweetheart that she is, she assured me all the fun when we meet next.

I’m excited already !

So tell me, what is one of your most cherished memories that involves your sibling(s)? I would love to know…



She woke up to learn that she was now a married woman. They had gotten her married. But that didn’t come as a shock to her…because everything in her life has happened this way right from the day they brought her home.

Like the house that she lives in. They had given it to her during Christmas. It had everything anyone could ever ask for…a bedroom where anyone would fall asleep like a baby, a closet that was stuffed with designer wardrobe, a kitchen that most people can only dream of…everything. And they had given it to all her just like that when she woke up Christmas morning.

And the car that she has. They had gifted her that on her birthday. A convertible…in the color that she loves. They had presented her with it at midnight on one of her birthdays.

In spite of all this and more, she wasn’t happy. She had everything…house, car, people that loved her…but freedom. Freedom of any kind wasn’t present in her life. She had to do everything at their will. It was as if they didn’t care…as if they owned her. And that negated all the materialistic luxuries she was offered.

A voice of her own never existed, probably never will. And that had led her to becoming a ‘wife’ today. All she could do was hope that he would be nice…and wish for a happily ever after.

They told her that her husband’s name was Ken…just like they told her, years ago, that her name was Barbie.



Three months…

…since my best friend Sri left me :-(.

This is for you, sweetheart. I miss you !

Life was so promising, so new…
Until the day you decided to bid adieu
Life is now so dull, so blue…
And I still can’t believe all this is true.

You were part of my life, my dream, my hope,
And with you gone, everything has lost its scope.

I walk down the memory lane,
hoping to find peace again…
The eyes fail to contain
because all that the heart feels is pain.

Come back and let this all be a bad dream
Else the heart will never heal but just scream.


The secret to pleasing my heart…

…even when everything seems to be falling apart…lies within me and me only, I have realized.

Tough times hit home every now and then…in someway or the other. And it is reflected on whatever I do, without a doubt.

At times like those, I used to don my crappiest possible mood for as long as I wanted to and made sure I gave myself one reason after another to justify that it was ok to be grumpy and not do anything about it. Sometimes, I took it a step forward to list out how it might be because of others that I’m losing it all.

Not anymore.

Somewhere along the way, I’ve come to a realization that no one else can in any way affect my mood…good or bad, it’s all ME.

And so, I’m making an effort to change the way I look at / respond to issues.

Nowadays, when the mood goes downhill, I make it a point to try and hold myself together. I promise to self that I wouldn’t let little things distract me and that I would, in someway, find a compromise and cheer my spirits up, instead of waiting for some miracle to make it all ok. After all, there is always hope that things will get better, right?

Anyway, so last week when the emotions were running high, I went out and bought some beautiful flowers…


and some candles…


So now, every time I enter my room, no matter what my current state of mind, it is sure to get a makeover, for the better…because of the fragrance that the beautiful flowers give and the aura that the candles create. And just like that, in small things like these I have learned to find a getaway from any emotional merry-go-round.

The heart has now discovered a way to sing happy tunes even when there is chaos around. If that is not growing up, then what is? 🙂


On a different note, the About page is updated.


Hanging upside down…

…while enjoying a snack. Will you be able to do it? 🙂



Pics were taken a month or two ago in the park by SB.


A dream come true moment…

Waking up to the irksome tune of the alarm clock every morning was the routine. But seeing her next to him on the bed with a gun pointed to his head was not.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? Don’t you have work to do in the kitchen? I don’t like getting late and you know that. So stop with the idiocy and go get me my breakfast ready, will ya?”

…he screamed at her…not realizing the severity of the situation.

“The gun is loaded, honey. So don’t move…that will just make it harder than it has to be, for both of us. And yeah, please don’t shout at me like this. You know I don’t like it a bit. Let’s me do the talking, while you do the listening this time…for a change. Ok?”

…she said, in the most tenderly way possible…all the while keeping the gun intact between her hands with her right index finger on the trigger…ready to pull it when it was time.

“Oh quit it. Do you know how ridiculous this looks? What…”

“What part of “don’t shout at me” did you not understand? Stop yelling and listen…sure I did not have it in me to stand up against you when you started treating me like s@#t, when you cheated on me, or when you started abusing me physically and mentally. But that was then. I…I’m sorry…we have a daughter now and I can’t let her grow up amid all this nonsense of yours…”

“So what? You are planning to kill me? That is just so foolish. Have you thought of all the consequences? Put the gun down and let’s talk this out. Maybe we can work out a divorce, what do you say?”

“That is an idea, sure. But I’m gonna have to say NO. Because that way, I won’t get my closure. First of all, I know what will happen if I put this gun down now. Moreover, I don’t want to let you be to see someone else get hurt in the future.  So this is the only way out, as I see it. As for the consequences, you don’t need to worry so much about all that. After all, I’m doing this to defend myself in a way, am I not? The burns and the bruises all over my body will be of some use, thanks to you…I’m sure any court in the world would understand my stand when they see it all.”

“Please. Don’t do this. Let’s get rational h…”

Without any warning…without letting him utter his final words…she pulled the trigger. And it was all over, in a flash.

She sat there looking at the body drenched in red…as if she was waiting for a signal, waiting for someone to tell her it was all over and things are going to different from this point forward. She smiled, while her eyes got misty.

Weeping every morning for one reason or another was the routine. But happy tears rolling down her face was not.



…the director yelled.

“Good job, folks”

…he said.

She wiped the fake tears off her face. And smiled, merrily…because today she has completed shooting for her first ever movie.

Because this was her dream come true moment !



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