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Blue Moon

Winter’s foggy twilight sky

ensconces the beautiful blue moon;

Pretty bride behind veil.


So it’s supposed to be a blue moon tonight, but the sky here is so dense with fog that we can’t really see the moon properly. Oh well…at least it got me to write :-).

Happy 2010 !



Wordless Wednesday – 4


A kiss that took their breath away

Today marks six months since they started going out.

Exactly six months ago, they met in a coffee shop on a cold morning. Their eyes met and they started a casual talk while waiting to be served. One thing led to another and here they are months later – inseparable and head over heels in love.

It has been a perfect journey so far. Their time together has been nothing less than the most fun there can ever be. They discuss everything…from books to philosophy, from history to science, from movies to magazine…with so much ease. And the silent moments are golden too. No awkwardness, no worry as to who will break the silence. Every moment is treasured by both of them.

They take care of each other with so much love…the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. They are always there for one another…to lend a shoulder to cry on or to share a laugh…they are by each other, no matter what. They fight, they argue, sure…but that is the extent of it. There is no ego blinding them…one will always come around to make the other smile whenever things go sour.

A pain in her eyes translates to an ache in his heart. Any grief in his voice turns to a hurt in her head. Likewise, a mile long smile on her means a wonderful day for him. And a passionate kiss from him is enough to explain the butterflies in her stomach.

Soul mates, some might call them. That’s what they were…made for each other…perfect as a couple. And now, the one thing they had to do to take the relationship forward is to get married.

And today, on their six month anniversary, he had planned to propose. A movie – the one they saw on their first date – in the evening, then a dinner at her favorite restaurant, followed by a walk by the seashore. That’s where he wanted to propose to her…by the beach, when the moonlight just enough to shine on her already luminous face.

After the movie and the dinner, they drove to the beach and started walking. He got down on one knee when they got to their favorite spot…by the sea, under the magnificent full moon, on the nice spring evening, proposing to the love of his life…he was happy. His eyes gave it all away…the tears, happy tears, started flowing as he looked at how beautiful she was. And she…she couldn’t contain her joy either. She said yes, even before he popped the question, and got on her knees to hug him…a hug that lasted a few minutes.

There were no words spoken, they didn’t have to…because their eyes spoke. Silence such as this is pure bliss, they knew.

On their way back home, he took her hand on his, while she was driving. She looked at him…their eyes met, for few seconds before she was distracted by some honking. And while she was driving, he couldn’t stop looking at his gorgeous fiancé. He wanted to kiss her…kiss her badly…and celebrate their day. In 10 minutes they would be home, but he couldn’t wait. He wanted her right now. So he leaned towards her and without second thoughts, he kissed her. Her eyes closed…like it always did they kissed.

A few seconds later, he let go of her…but only to realize that they just shared their last kiss.

A few seconds was all it took for her to get distracted from the road…to drive right into a truck that was approaching from the other side. It was too late to do anything now at that speed…they knew they were not going to make it. They gazed into each others’ eyes…their eyes spoke for one last time.

And then it was all over. Just like that. In a flash.


On a totally different note, please go peek into my About page if you have a few seconds. The lovely BlueMist made a banner that aptly describes my likes :-). Thank you so much, BM.



Winter’s wonder – snowflake

Flawless, fervent, fresh,
a snowflake brings joy to all –
A child’s heart, so pure.


How have you all been? Anything exciting happening with anyone?


Monsoon rain

Rhythm of monsoon rainfall,

so harmonic so pristine –

Mother’s words of love.


Afternoon nap…

A cold afternoon.

Two souls, occupying either ends of the bed.

Separating them were a couple of books, phone and the tv remote that lay in between them.

Bringing them together was the bond of love so pure and eternal that only gets stronger by the minute.

A few hours spent taking a relaxing nap. Eyes closed. Daydreams dreamed.

A peaceful afternoon.



Merry Christmas

Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much, Matt, for this wonderful badge.

Happy Holidays, all !


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