Congratulations MTBs!!!

Its time to rub our hands in glee
We have something for you, dear MTBs
Little baby’s on the way,
Getting bigger every day,
Two tiny feet that will wave in the air
Two tiny hands that will tug at your hair
But before that there is some work for you.
The best we can do, is give you a clue!

Bravo to you on coming so far,
pat yourself on your back ‘cause you are a star.
It’s not over yet, there is one final twist.
Go to the abode of colors and lights, of the graceful mist.
And as you follow the clues, note down the letter
that shines bright in every blog; it will lead you better.
Once you have it all, type it in the address bar,
Followed by, to get to where we are.


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