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Wordless Wednesday – 14



Two o’ clock

Both hands right on twelve

move one 60 degrees, two o’ clock

hot piece of pie, anyone?


This is my entry for Haiku Bones Prompttwo o’ clock.


Finding solace

It’s been months since he created that void in her heart and left her forever, but the pain remained in her as if everything happened just yesterday. It’s not so easy to forget someone who filled your life with so much joy for years together, is it? It’s hard to move on when a dear one’s departure comes unexpected, especially when things were going so great.  And that was exactly why she found it hard to let go, to find someone to help heal the hurt, to accept reality and to go on to cherish the wonderful memories.

Today was going to be different, though. It was going to be a usual day according to her…but the universe had other plans – it has conspired to bring back light into her life. The sun had risen this morning only to bless her with a special boon – the days of finding joy in those brazen eyes were going to be back; the evenings of coming home to someone who was dying to see you were going to be back; the nights of sitting on the couch, nuzzling every now and then, keeping each other company, were going to be back.

As she sat on the bench reminiscing the good old days of spending every evening in the park with him, recalling those scary gazes he gave everyone that even thought of coming near her, remembering his zest for life, a few tear drops found way through her cheeks. As she wiped off the flowing sorrow, her eyes met his. And at that moment her heart bloomed, again.

She saw a hunger for love in his eyes; the kind of love that she was sure she could provide. She wanted to embrace him, hold him close, but she just sat there following his every move. She felt happy when he came and sat next to her. She smiled, he came closer…and her happiness overflowed.

“Spike! There you are!”

…a voice came from behind as she started petting him.

“Oh hi. I’m sorry, he just came here and sat next to me.”

…she said.

“That’s alright. I was just worried when I couldn’t find him running around. Good to see you both getting along; he’s usually grumpy.”

…the woman said.

“Really? I find that hard to believe; he’s quite a charmer, I must say. I fell for him on first sight.”

…she explained, not being able to control her brimming joy.

“You know, he’s up for adoption, if you are interested.”

…the woman said, noticing the way she held him with love.

“Oh wow. I couldn’t be happier. I guess today is my day!”

…she exclaimed, with a blissful glow on her face as she hugged the puppy.

And with that, days of light were back; letting go became easy; and moving on, while treasuring the past, came to be.


This is my entry for 3WW Prompt #CLXXXIIBrazen, Hunger, Nuzzle.




Shimmering full moon –

an aura of true divinity;

The glow on mother’s face.


This is my entry for One Single Impression Prompt #108Aura.


A heavy heart

He was just another healthy 30 something guy with a normal life – work, home, fun, family, and friends. He woke up Saturday morning making plans to enjoy the first day of spring with friends by hiking in a nearby park. The day went by smoothly even though exhaustion took over towards the end when plans for Sunday were being made – calling family in the morning, playing soccer in the afternoon, relaxing during the evening.

Sunday came and it was already time to go to the field to enjoy the sunny afternoon playing the game of soccer with friends. Everyone was enjoying the game, as usual, but it didn’t last for long. They saw him fall and hit the ground only to lay still. Emergency calls were made and the ambulance arrived. A while later, at the hospital, the doctors pronounced him dead.

A son. A brother. A husband. A father of newborns. He was gone…in a flash.

It happened over this past weekend. I didn’t know the person – I heard about the incident from a friend yesterday on my way back home – yet, my heart feels heavy. It’s constantly been at the back of my mind since the moment I came to know of it and I can’t quite put a pin on what I feel or why I feel the way I do. All I know is that it’s unfortunate and sad, whatever happened.

May his soul rest in peace.

We hear over and over that the future holds no guarantees and that we can’t rely on anything but NOW, yet, somehow somewhere we still take life for granted. We fail to cherish the present and spend it planning and romanticizing the future. Why? I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan the future or that we should totally disregard it, but at what price? Where do we draw the line? I don’t know. Do you?



Happiness is waking up to the murmur of…

… raindrops tapping against the window pane.

…birds chirping away without any strain.

…fall breeze taking away all the pain.

…spring flowers blooming on every lane.

…dew drops marching on leaves, a beautiful chain.

Bliss is waking up to the murmur of that peck on the cheek that shows how the language of love is simple, yet so arcane.


This is my entry for One Single Impression Prompt #107 – Murmur.



Wordless Wednesday – 13


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