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An evening by the waterfront…

…relaxing to the rhythm of waves and breeze; watching boats come and go; enjoying a yummy scoop of ice cream; detecting different patterns on each passing cloud; reminiscing the yesterday; discussing the tomorrow…all in all, a few hours well spent.

A peaceful way to unwind after a long, busy day.

How was your Friday evening? What did you do?

Have a great weekend, folks !




…sitting on a wall, comfortably with one leg on each side, munching on some nuts, while wishfully looking at a tree and uttering

Look at that gorgeous tree. Isn’t it beautiful? I love it.

– is all that is needed to be deemed the missing link between man and monkey…better yet, a monkey itself.

And, note that, it gives a lifetime pass to the spectator to recall the moment anytime, laugh all they want, and make fun of the ancestral qualities in you.




Wordless Wednesday – 16


Night Rain

Photo Courtesy – KG.


This is my entry for Haiku Bones Prompt – Night Rain.

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Photo courtesy – KG. Please visit the photoblog to see the original pic.

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The day of her return

For years he’s been masking his grief with hopes of seeing her again. All his efforts of negotiating a common ground had gone futile and she had made up her mind that he was a hindrance to her dreams. How she could misinterpret his love for control, he never understood.

She had left without saying goodbye and there hasn’t been a day ever since when he hasn’t wished for her to come back to his embrace.

Everyday he would wake up wishing for the door bell to ring, waiting for that one person who had the power to make him truly happy, hoping that day would be of her return. But years went by without a word from her. Every letter he sent, each phone call he made, all the messages he forwarded through family/friends were unanswered.

His heart broke in the mornings when he didn’t have her smile to wake up to; his heart ached in the afternoons when he saw no mails from her; his heart hurt in the evenings when he came back to an empty home; his heart prayed hard at nights hoping for tomorrow to be the day he got to see her again.

And for almost a decade, his prayers went unanswered, just like all the messages he sent to her. But today was different – today, he woke up feeling cheerful; today, he opened the door to get the newspaper, but found a treasure waiting for him; today, she was here again.

Standing in front of him, looking into his eyes, she couldn’t help but feel sorry.

I’m sorry for whatever I did. I know I have no right coming here like this, but I wanted to tell you that you were right. I caused you a lot of pain and I will do anything to make it up to you, if at all that’s possible. Daddy, please forgive me.

She sobbed, as she apologized for misunderstanding his intentions.

He smiled; he tried to catch the right words to say, but he remained speechless. Although his life has been hell since her departure, he forgave her, like only a parent can do – selfless love that forgives and forgets without any second thoughts.

This moment has crossed my mind million times; I’ve practiced my reaction over and over and yet, here I am looking at you and I don’t know what to do or say. I’m happy that you are back. I don’t care if I was right…I never did. It was more about you choosing a good life path than me being right. I would’ve been gladder if things had worked out for you the way you wanted, it breaks my heart that it didn’t. But you are back and I want to cherish this. Everything else comes later.

And just like that, with random images of the good old days of his time with his daughter playing in his mind, he embraced her. As years of sadness ebbed from his heart, he welcomed joy with open arms.


This is my entry for Three Word Wednesday Prompt CLXXXVIebb, negotiate, random.



Happiness is…

…when you read that one line email over and over and can’t help but smile. Why? Just because…it makes you beam with joy every single time you read the sweet message for no particular reason at all. Simple pleasures!

…when you turn your closet upside down to find that one favorite top of yours is that’s nowhere to be found for months…the one you fell in love with at first sight; the one that you only wore a couple of times; the one that you didn’t mind paying way over your normal budget; the one that’s now missing. You call your sister and ask her to look all over her house for that top because that’s where you know you wore it last…she loses patience after telling you million times that you didn’t leave it there and hangs up asking you not to call about it again. Tears are at the verge of embracing your cheeks; swear words, which doesn’t come to you very easily, are at the tip of your tongue ready to venture into the world any second; the big smiley on the stress relief ball turns into a frown as it wishes it were never born…you lie down on the floor, turn on one side and curl up when your eyes meet that very missing top resting merrily below the bed. Need I say more?

…when you accidentally, during your turn-the-closet-upside-down spree, find a skirt that you had bought 2 years ago (and never wore because you thought it was too short) and try it on with no hopes of fitting into it only to find that it fits seamlessly. For a minute you are not sure if it should make you sulk in sadness that you haven’t lost all that weight you were planning to or if it should leave you gloating in glory that you haven’t put on any more. You choose the latter, for the time being at least. Can’t wait for summer now, can you!

…when you come across a pretty hat, which doesn’t belong to you, in your closet and take it over to the roommate to ask her if it was one of hers and she says that she had left it in your closet, for you, as a gift. Lovely, she is!

…when you spend your entire day with butterflies fluttering in your stomach and heartbeats getting louder by the minute as if…as if…I don’t know…as if you were excited about something or someone. It feels good!

…when you spot your birthday as the expiry date on the drink that’s on your hand. Nothing grand, sure, but it still puts a grin on your face. Instant gratification!

How would you define happiness today?


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