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Wordless Wednesday – 24



A year has passed…

…but it still feels like yesterday when I received that call that took you away from me. Time has flown, but the pain remains.

I wonder if life would be any easier had no one told me what happened. I would’ve just assumed that you were too busy with other things to be in touch. Wouldn’t that have been less painful?

I still wake up some mornings hoping I had a bad dream, hoping to see an email from you, hoping to see you online, hoping to talk to you, hoping you’re around. Reality hits and tears wash away all the hopes.

I write to you often about all the day to day things, just like I used to. And when time comes to type all those questions I have for you about happenings on your side, I realize that I won’t ever get a reply from you. Still, I do it over and over, week after week.

I regret not telling you some things. Why did I have to wait for the right time? Why did not understand then that there’s nothing but now? Why did you leave so soon?

I can’t see a future without you in it. Every time I dream about how things will be years down the line, I see you playing a big part in it, even though I know the chances are none. Stupid, I know. But the heart doesn’t want to accept the loss…at least not yet.

Life has seen many downs since you left, but the melancholy that gushes with every thought of you is the worst of all. It hurts. Come back, it’s not too late…I need my best friend.

I miss you.


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Wordless Wednesday – 23


Wordless Wednesday – 22


A gesture that you care…

…is all that’s needed to put a smile on my face and make my heart jump with joy.

Coming back home after a long journey to a roommate who welcomes me with a million dollar smile, says “I was just thinking about you” and goes on to fix something quick for dinner tells me how much she cares. And for that I am grateful. Thank you, rommie.

Having K constantly trying to cheer me up when I have the worst of aches and when I’m at my crankiest of moods, even though it might have been just as tough a day for him shows me how much he loves to see me happy. And for that I am grateful. Thank you, K.

Receiving an email from a friend offering to do something nice for me just because I had mentioned that I can’t get around to even thinking about it with the crazy workload tells me how thoughtful she is. And for that I am grateful. Thank you, M.

Missing call after call from a friend, yet seeing him understand why I couldn’t answer his call every single time shows me how much he treasures this relationship (I do too, but I am just lazy or busy whenever you call. Sorry, SS. I will call you back soon, I promise). And for that I am grateful. Thank you, SS.

Letting a colleague know of my plans and weeks later, realizing that he still remembers the details – receiving one message after the other from him about how I can prepare, seeing him make every effort to ask me about the progress – tells me how helpful he is. And for that I am grateful. Thank you, Mr.R.

And I can go on listing many more such incidents; the point being, these seemingly insignificant actions mean the most to me in any bond that I cherish.

Each and every relationship goes through its own ups and downs. These thoughtful actions become very helpful when the relationship starts to go downhill. Because that is when I need to think back on how nice the other person was to me when I needed them the most and it helps put things in the right perspective. Although I might complain about this and that every so often, I do realize how bonds like these have made my life better. These everyday acts of kindness makes the flaws in the relationship irrelevant and builds a bond that only grows stronger by the day.

Life is good. I am a happy soul. Thanks to everyone around.



Friday Evening Fun

Candlelit room.

Blooming lilies.

Funny FRIENDS (series).

Relaxing bath.

Uncluttered mind.

Hopeful heart.

Yummy ice cream.

Even though this is very similar to what most other Fridays are like, there’s something about today evening that’s making my heart jump with joy. Maybe it’s the anticipation of tomorrow. Maybe it’s the fragrance that fills the room. Maybe it’s because I am watching Chandler Bing in FRIENDS after a long time and I am falling in love with him all over again. Maybe it’s because I had a super busy yet satisfying week at work. Maybe this; maybe that…I don’t know what it is for sure. Oh well…I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend, and I hope you have one too.

Have a great weekend, folks.


Weekend on an island

A few weeks ago a colleague and I were discussing recreational activities when he mentioned about a place where you can go camping – an island on a lake in Maine. The very idea of camping on an island was very enticing. And the minute I heard him say how wonderful an experience it was, I knew I had to go there to see it all for myself.  I let K know about the place, a little research and a few minutes of discussion later, he booked us a campsite on the island. And there I was after that excitedly counting my days to the long weekend.

With everything packed (or so we thought), we left the house early Saturday morning only to realize a few minutes later that we forgot to take the food that was in the fridge. Also, just to make it an adventurous start, a quick search on the GPS for that town in Maine returned a “no results found.” And, since I had no key to get into the house again, there was no hope of getting the food or directions; so, we headed north only with hope that a quick stop at a grocery store on our way would get us enough stock of food for the two days and a phone call to a friend later would help us get to our destination. What fun! It wasn’t too bad though…we did end up getting a big loaf of bread, we got the directions from a friend and we reached our destination without any problems, albeit late.

And now began the real fun.

We were given two options to get to our campsite on the island from the mainland – either pay for a shuttle service, which means they would drop us off at our site and pick us up two days later, or rent a canoe and row to the island, by ourselves. We chose the latter, not only because the price for renting the canoe for three days was half of what the shuttle would cost us, but also because we had enough time, energy and excitement to try something as fun as canoeing. After getting the directions to the island, we set off to unload the car of all the items that we would need to survive the next two days on the island. And just like that, minutes after stacking everything on the canoe, we embarked on this thrilling new experience that was to unfold.

The journey amazing, to say the least – the views of mountains here and there, the sun’s reflection on the lake, the water splashing on the face every now and then getting rid of all the exhaustion – it was simply great. While taking a tiny break from rowing to drink some water, I suddenly realized that I forgot to pick up matchsticks or lighters. Fingers crossed, I yelled out to K to ask him if he remembered; oops, he didn’t either. Just as we tried to calm our tired souls down with It’s ok if we can’t have fire. We can just eat bread with raw veggies, we realized that we had also forgotten to take torches. We were up for an adventure, didn’t I tell you? So yeah, no lighters, and no torches meant we couldn’t do anything after the sunset. Oh well, so what…not a big deal, we said to ourselves and rowed forward with the same enthusiasm.

The island was about 2.5miles away from the mainland, we were told; it took a little more than an hour to get there. Given that we both have no experience in rowing and that we were working ourselves under the scorching afternoon sun, I would say we did good. We reached our site, unloaded everything from the canoe, set up our tent and got right on to make sandwiches to feed our growling tummies. Once that was done, we sat by the lake for a while – talking, playing scrabble and taking in the beauty that is nature. We had gorgeous views of the mountain, the lake and the setting sun. As it started getting dark, we both did our share of checking to see if everything ok before we lost our only source of light (sun) completely, but we failed to notice one loaf of bread that sat on the picnic table. And like that, day one came to an end – few hours of driving, an hour and fifteen minutes of rowing, a little bit of tiredness and a lot of fun.

The sweet sound of loons made for a good wake up call Sunday morning. As I saw the sun come out after hiding for a while behind the clouds, I stepped out of the tent to start a new day. As soon as K saw me coming out of the tent, he came over to give me the news that we do not have as much food as we thought we had because squirrels had attacked that big loaf of bread that we had left on out accidentally. Two thirds of the loaf was gone…it’s amazing how these little creatures worked all night to take away so much bread, while it would have taken us two or three meals to complete that amount of bread. Oh well…at least someone had their tummies full. After this revelation, the day pretty much opened its arms to relaxation and fun – playing scrabble by the lake, taking an afternoon nap, eating sandwiches, absorbing the surrounding beauty and a little bit of rowing in the evening – I couldn’t have asked for more from a weekend after a busy week. We thoroughly enjoyed and survived through the second day of our primitive lives.

Monday came and we were not too happy that it was all going to end in a few hours. Morning was spent packing, cleaning, eating and rowing back to the mainland, while the afternoon was spent driving back home, all the while missing all the fun we had.

We had no sense of time during the two days we spent at the island – neither of us wear a watch, and the cell phones had no range there, so the time wasn’t getting updated. We tuned our lives the rising and setting sun, given that we had no other source of light. We realized that we were the only two people on the whole island during the weekend and for some reason that made me happier. We talked, we played, we tried to swim (but didn’t because the water was too cold), we picked rocks, we rested under the sun on the rocks, we rowed, we got tired, we managed with very limited amount of food, and we fed a couple real hungry squirrels a big loaf of bread – yes, they completed the whole pack in two nights and get this, they wouldn’t eat the cucumber pieces that we left for them. All in all, we enjoyed the trip (thanks to Mr.R for recommending the place to me) and didn’t want it to end so soon.

And now life’s back to its routine.

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