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Of laughing and crying

I believe that if I laugh a lot then I’ll end up crying soon. I’ve observed that many times; it really happens.  People say that it’s all in my mind, that I somehow make it happen that way. Maybe they are right…maybe I do believe in it so much that it affects the way I behave. It’s ok though; I think it helps keep things balanced. It’s a way to remind myself that nothing is permanent. To keep me from taking anything too seriously…be it joy or sorrow. To tell myself that this too shall pass, so don’t get too carried away. So I don’t complain. I laugh all I want when I want to, not getting all worked up about the future that’s eagerly waiting to pull tears out of me. And then I cry my heart out when time comes. Feels good.

When I was a kid, I believed that something really bad happened every time I cried – not just shedding a few tears, but weeping like it’s the end of the world. And it did, more times than not. This stupid belief was only boosted when my grandfather passed away the day after I spent the evening crying my guts out because my mother was running late returning home from work. And then for years I tried not to cry too much. But somehow, somewhere down the line, I stopped believing in this…I just stopped caring about it, grew up and didn’t bother paying too much attention. And, I am glad I didn’t continue holding on to it. It’s nice to cry without worrying about the consequences.

What about you? Any baseless beliefs like mine? Do share.


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