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Rediscovering the magic

Of writing.

It’s been years since I wrote in a notebook. And I had forgotten the sheer happiness that it brings.

Doesn’t matter what I write – I might never read those pages again (and might not be able to even if I wanted to, owing to my horrible handwriting) – but the very fact that I write, as opposed to typing away to glory, makes it special.

When the pen touches the paper and starts dancing to the tune of my mind, it feels wonderful. And I am so happy to be doing it again after all these years.



Wordless Wednesday – 30


Private Screening…by chance

Walking into a theater a good five minutes after the posted show time, buying tickets and hearing the guy on the other side of the counter call out to someone to say –

“Start the movie on Screen 3, please. We have viewers.”

…makes you feel precious; even though it might just be for that short period of the movie’s runtime.

“Looks like you guys have a private screening. Enjoy the show!”

…the guy said to us as we smiled and walked towards our screen.

No silencing of phones. No problem picking a seat. No restrictions on how loud you can speak or laugh. You can get up, stretch, walk around, run or even dance as much as your heart pleases, without worrying about disturbing anyone…basically watch the movie almost as if you were at the comfort of your home.

What a fun experience!



Wordless Wednesday – 29


Wordless Wednesday – 28










Four days and three nights…

Four days and three nights
I spent up north seeing sights

…Of mountains filled with blanket of hues –
Fall never fails to amuse
…Of lakes, river, waterfalls and streams –
Reflecting colors of love, life and dreams
…Of beds of clouds and rising mist –
Magnificent scenes I couldn’t resist
…Of clear night’s sky with stars galore –
I drowned in all this beauty and more

Now that I am back to routine
I can’t help but think of everything I’ve seen.

(Ignore my lame attempt at capturing the beauty…everything was truly beyond words, so I can’t even do a bit of justice to it all with my words)

4 days. 3 nights. 3 states. Endless amount of joy.

It feels like I’ve just returned from heaven. Fall has that effect on one, I guess…what with all those vibrant colors everywhere. And to be able to spend so much taking it all in is sheer bliss. Without doubt, the past four days adds new leaves to my tree of treasured memories.

  • I fell in love with Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont all over again.
  • After spending the first day wanting to spot a Moose somewhere along our route (given that there were warning boards for Moose crossing for long stretches), we got to see three Moose the following days and K was overjoyed.
  • We didn’t use the GPS at all during the trip. We had maps with us, which we used to explore and choose routes of our liking. And we ended up driving on some of the most scenic roads.
  • We drove more than 1100 miles.
  • The first night of the trip, the campground gates were closed by the time we reached. So we slept in the car after making some adjustments to create a proper sleeping area…it ended up very comfortable and we quite liked it. So we repeat the experience, but of course.
  • We had a hitchhiker ride with us for a while.
  • Train rides are fun.
  • We didn’t plan anything. We took off two days at the last minute and made the most of it.
  • We drove north till we hit the USA-Canada border in Maine. This is the second time we went to the border and returned after clicking a few photos. The first time we did this, we were boating on Lake Champlain.
  • We make it a point to eat only in locally owned food joints when we go out on our trips. But we had to break that rule this time and eat in a Pizza Hut on the third day of our trip because we couldn’t find any local places open that served pizza. Oh well.
  • We stopped by this nice store / restaurant for breakfast on the last day of our trip. The place had a charming wine cellar; my first time in one, so it was nice to look around. We dropped by another café for some hot chocolate, and that place was just so elegant and artistic in its own way. Loved it!

The colors. The mountain ranges. The valleys. The rivers and the lakes. – everything was so mesmerizing. I want more!

The love. The joy. The smiles and the tears (yes, I sobbed for a while when it was time for K to leave…what to do, I didn’t want this to end). I want more!

Photos – WW posts in the coming weeks.

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