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Click away…

When I met you for the first time some years ago, the one thing I learned about you even before I spoke to you or knew your name was your passion for photography. I stood there among a bunch of strangers (then) and I remember hearing someone say that it was your hobby; you were so good at it that they had assigned you as the official photographer to cover the function.

And I instantly understood what they meant.

You were standing with a camera in your hand, shooting every little detail, clicking everything / everyone around you, happily lost in your own world. The zeal that came pouring through your every click was so incredible. I think that was one of the first reasons why I liked you. And today, when I can list millions of reasons why I love the person that you are, the enthusiasm I see in your while you hold a camera remains one of the top ones.

I have spent so much time with you over the years seeing you take photos of everything that catches your fancy. The beauty that is caught in some shots you take leaves me speechless. I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes for it is, at times, beyond words.  So, whenever I saw you wanting to own that dream camera but not taking the plunge because you weren’t sure if it was worth it, I never understood. And now that you have finally bought it after thinking over it so much, it’s made me the happiest person on earth.

It might not be so obvious to you why I jumped with joy when I saw the delivery truck pull over to drop off your package. It might not make sense to others why you getting a camera is such a big deal to me. But to me it’s all clear. Investing on something that will help you delve into your passion, your hobby, and your talent is something I have always wanted. And I am so glad that you did it.

The delight I saw on your face when you held new camera only made me happier. With every step you took with it, with every photo you clicked with it, I fell in love with you all over again. As you explore more and create magic with every shot, I will proudly stand by you and wish for this talent of yours to grow with time.

So, go on, love. Capture the moments and make lasting memories. Best wishes!


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Endless laughter. Handwritten mails. Winter breeze. Yummy pastries. A new dress to love. Scarves and hats. Surprises. Sweet nothings. Homemade chocolate cake. Books. Tickles and giggles. The gift of time. Ice creams. Candle lit room. Weekends. Hugs and kisses. Family. Fragrance of flowers. Wishes and prayers. Fun. Hopes and dreams. Reasons to smile. Friends. Showered by love.

Thank you.

It’s a beautiful life.

As much as I like how relaxed and smooth life is at the moment, I can’t help but wonder if this is the calm before the storm. I am all for enjoying this while it lasts, but a small part of me keeps getting scared of what awaits. Oh well.


Wordless Wednesday – 32


There’s something very sweet about…

…the bond between baby girls and their fathers.

I visited a few families over the weekend and of all the couples that had kids, all the kids were girls. And what I saw each of the father and daughter pair share was something so different, so special.

The comfort that the little one felt by securing her tiny hands around her father’s neck. The pride with which the father talked about the little one’s antics. The love that came pouring through as the little one walked/ran towards her father with her wobbly feet to give him a bear hug. The way the father admired even the smallest thing the little one did. All that was just such a delight to watch.

For a minute there, I wondered if I had a similar thing going on with my father when I was young. But of course, I did. As a matter of fact, I think we still share the same oh-that-is-so-beautiful kind of father-daughter bond. That would explain why he still sees me as a baby, why he treats me like I need him holding my hands through every step I take, why he worries constantly about me getting hurt, why he spends sleepless nights at times when I don’t listen to him…I can see where he’s coming from.

We have our fair share of disagreements, but I know that I can’t function well without the assurance that he is right there to catch me every time I fall. We have our unending arguments every so often, but I know that I can’t go long without hearing his voice regularly…be it just a hi-hello talk, or his recent favorite you-are-getting-too-old-you-need-to-get-married-soon lectures. Even though we don’t see eye to eye on a few subjects, he is the one I look up to; he is my pillar of support.

And for that, I am thankful.

To know that he talks proudly about me to others; to hear him say that the sound of my laughter brightened his otherwise dull day; to see him grin wide every time I hug him and kiss him; to take all that love he showers on me; to be his daughter – makes me one happy soul.

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Words that melted my heart

We wish you were around; it would have been more fun. We missed you.

…they said when I called them. And those words left me floating on cloud nine.

Sometimes you need to look into a person’s eyes to understand the depth of the emotions; other times you just need to feel a gentle tug in your heart to realize the power of affection, even if the person is thousands of miles away. It was the latter for me this time around, and I can’t wait for the former to happen.

The genuineness in their voices told me they meant what they said. The love with which they uttered the words carved path to strengthen the new bonds being formed. And with that I saw a wish coming true, a dream taking shape, a hope being realized.

Touch wood.

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Happy Diwali !

Photo by K.


The worst has happened

Someone stole my ice cream. 😦


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