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A poem for you?


Along with being the time of the year that brings beautiful spring blossoms it’s also the month that celebrates your birthday.

As always, I spent weeks thinking about what I should get you as a present…and as usual, I couldn’t come up with anything. I was almost sure that I would look you in the eye on your birthday and tell you that I don’t have a gift for you because I couldn’t think of anything. And then I remembered…I remembered the one thing you’ve been wanting for months. So, merrily I hopped to the store to get you your heart’s desire…only to go back there a few days later to return what I had bought. Oh well, that’s not the point. So, since I couldn’t think of anything else to gift you, I asked you what you wanted…you told me that you didn’t need anything.

And then one day as I mentioned to you that I had written a poem wishing someone else on their big day, you teasingly asked me where your birthday poem was; why I didn’t write one for you. A poem? For you? Like I didn’t think of that!

To tell you the truth, I spent days before your birthday, and weeks after, trying to put together lines to wish you in the only way I can properly express myself…in writing. And this time around even words seem inadequate to say all that my heart desired.

What do I write about you? Every time I start, I draw a blank…words won’t suffice, I feel. You sit with me patiently as I complain of back pain and you do everything you can to make me comfortable. You don’t shy away from massaging my legs after we spend the day walking, even though you might be just as tired at that point. You don’t think twice before putting my likes before yours. You sing to me to lift my spirits; you do a Peter Griffin laugh to lighten my mood. You spend all the time you can to help me get over my fears, doubts and mental blocks.

And I can go on and on, the list is long.

The point is that, your action speaks of all the love and respect you have for me and for that, I am so grateful. And on top of what you do, you have a way with words too. Only a few days ago, I came back home after a long day to read the email that you had just sent…and these lines from that email brought me to tears –

With you any result, any outcome is acceptable as the journey to get there has been wonderful; without you no result is good enough, no journey worth it.  With you I have the power to see the beauty within everything; without you any beauty doesn’t please the eyes, doesn’t soothe the mind. It is just not the same when you are not around.

Now tell me, how do I tell you how I felt after reading that? Should I just reply with a ‘same to you’? Because I really don’t know how to articulate my emotions so beautifully. All I can say is that I’ll stand by you; I’ll be there for you.

Wish you a very happy birthday, love.

May you never lose that childlike zest that you have for life. May your future turn out to be exactly the way you are imagining it. May your inherent goodness only grow with time. May your heart find ways to follow your passions without any qualms. May your undying optimism not be affected by any negativity that the world has to offer. May you dream a million dreams and smile a billion smiles.



It’s funny how…

…when you’ve only talked to someone over the phone and/or over email/chat you form a mental image of them, knowingly or unknowingly. And when you get to meet them face to face you are left either with a smile at how close your imagination was to reality or with a chuckle at how so far off the mark you were.

It’s an amusing moment, either way.


Love is…

…why my breakfast cereal tastes better when you put it together. I follow the same steps as you – warm the milk, add the cereal and let it soak for a couple of mins before eating it; yet, I can only have few spoonfuls when I make it as opposed to finishing the whole bowl, and sometimes even wanting more, when it has your touch to it. Secret ingredient, is there one?

…when you call out for me, ask me if I am busy, smile big when I say no and invite me to sit beside you as you finish your work. Why? Just because… You say things are nicer / better when I am right next to you; and my heart melts away.

…how you say / do things to lighten up my mood just as you sense my cranky voice on the other end of the phone.

…what you are to me.

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