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Dear abandoned blog of mine

Dear abandoned blog of mine,

I open this page, time and again, and more often than not, just end up clicking the big red X on the top of the browser because I can only stare at a blank page for so much time before I get bored. I wait for the moment that will have me scribbling away, but not even a trace of it arrives. Why, I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t have anything to share or that inspiration never strikes (if at all there is such a thing.) It’s not that I am too busy to dedicate time to you. It’s just that… I don’t know what it is… I want to write, but laziness always finds a way to win over that urge to put form to my thoughts. So, here I am now, hoping to actively take a step towards embracing you again, so you don’t experience a recurrence of the past year.

Let me start by jotting down random happenings…

  • I re-read the whole Harry Potter series last month and fell in love with it all over again. And now I am in the process of watching the movies. No matter how much I crib about the movies not being on par with the books, I do like watching them. Anything that lets me dive into the world of magic is better than nothing, I guess.
  • My recent India trip was very happening and memorable. I rediscovered family and love. I spent some of the best times with my mother’s best friend and her family. I met some amazing people. I was smitten by my best friend’s one year old and didn’t have a heart to hand the little one back to her mother. I made some new friends. I made my mother anxious by letting her in on my plan to get together with someone that I have never met before; the worried mother wouldn’t let me go alone and hence accompanied me to solve the mystery surrounding the event. And there’s so much more… all this deserves separate posts and maybe, some day, I will get around to writing those.
  • I cut my rather long hair really short last month. It’s nicer / easier this way.
  • I went to Boston for a couple of weeks in January. I loved being back after all this time. It didn’t feel like I had left the place at all. I went to the apartment I used to live in to meet my ex-roommate and spent a good couple of hours chatting. Good times, sure, but towards the end of the trip I was ready to pack up and come back home. As much as I enjoyed roaming around the city, the hotel living didn’t suit me.
  • I got a bright yellow bicycle and am thoroughly enjoying the little time I spend biking pushing-the-cycle-uphill-and-riding-it-downhill. It’s been fun.

I’m done for now. See you soon, hopefully.




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