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Another page inked…

I am in the kitchen, cooking. I am adding this and that to the dish on the stove, following a recipe and hoping that all turns out well. Aroma of spices fills every corner of the room.

I open the windows to let some fresh air in. The sun is shining bright… oh yes, this is probably one of the first warm days of the recent past. How nice it feels to be bidding goodbye to the biting cold of winter with such an evening! Look, there are little purple flowers on the lawn… signs of new life, also the sign of winter’s glory fading. Ha!

The warm breeze tingles the chime in the porch, and together they create a rhyme so unique – a melody belonging to that specific moment in time. And as the chime stops dancing to the tune it’d just sung, I wonder if it was made especially for me. But of course, right?

So, with all that and more, another page has been inked on my book of happiness.

Happy weekend, folks!




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