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Clouds! you exclaim.

How so magnificently

they crowd the sky!

The beauty in their layers!

The depth in their form!

Their ability to affect

our hearts and minds!

They mask the stars of the sky –

some call that a gloomy day

others await the imminent high.

You go on and tell me,

in your own poetic way,

all about the dark clouds

every time they pass by.

You are amazed and awed

by everything that clouds are.


Have you, then, also noticed

the clouds around me?

Do you know the meaning

behind the glistening tears

that crowd my eyes?

Are you able

to read the depth

of the tempest inside of me?


Would you tell me if you have?

 Would you guide me out of

this anguish, this pain

and unveil the real me?

Or would you rather pretend

not to see and ignore

the layers within me?



Time to stock up…

…so, I need recommendations.

The partner wanted a book to read during his upcoming journey. I ran around the house, picked the ones off my recommendation list and put the pile in front of him to choose. “But I asked you for a light, fun read. No heavy subjects, please” he declared. The only light reads I could come up with from my library were Harry Potter, a collection of Wodehouse’s works and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

Harry Potter – the partner wants to read the whole series together and he doesn’t suppose now is the right time for that. The one with the collection of Wodehouse’s works – the partner is a big Wodehouse fan (who isn’t?), but this one I have is a big book, not suitable to lug around during travel. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy – the partner has already read. There, everything was ruled out. I was back to square one – racking my brain trying to find something suitable. And I came up with nothing.

The partner settled to downloading an e-book (one of Wodehouse’s, but of course!). I started to grouse that I did so much work to handpick the books in front of him; he pointed out the fun I had during the process and stated that I shouldn’t be complaining. I agreed and retreated. And that was that.

Ever since this episode, though, the fact that I have no light, fun read handy has been bothering me. So, go on, please send in your recommendations for books in that category. I want to go to the bookstore next time with a list in hand focusing on this genre. Thank you!



Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #202

Hide and seek

the seasons play –

one day it’s Winter

and the next, Spring comes to stay.


Swaying with the caressing breeze

overnight, the trees bloom.

All that was brown and bare

is now in a lush green costume.


The buds, blushing in morning dew,

look like a child’s cheek red with joy.

Exquisitely they bloom before dusk

and adulthood they seem to enjoy.


Tell me, could it be magic

all this swift change of scene?

Is there someone with a wand

veiled behind the sky, the big screen?


This is my entry for Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #202 – Could it be magic?




In the lulling shadow of your willows

I have lingered

on scorching sunny days.

To the arms of your winding roads

I have surrendered

after unruly times.

Resting in your breezy beach

I have found peace

for my disturbed mind.

Strolling near your icy river shore

I have understood

the purest form of joy.

The first time I visited

I remember I fell in love

with you, your sights, your sounds.

There’s been no looking back –

my fondness has only grown

with every blissful sound of glee,

with all that you’ve taught me.

When I heard you were hurt

I could hardly believe…

Tears gushed; thoughts rushed

to be close to you.

You stood strong through the pain

and with every passing second

your resilience and compassion gleamed.

Now you are coping, with grace,

showing all the power of determination.

Thank you, for being you, Boston.

Every time I hear your name

with pride in my heart, I say

My home you are

And will forever be.



An act of thoughtfulness

I went to an ice-cream store this afternoon to get a milkshake. There was a family of four in line before me – three generations of women – two little ones, their mother and their grandmother. And there was only one person at the counter helping customers. Which meant I had to wait until they were done placing, receiving and paying for their order. And wait I did.

I stood there browsing different options (although I knew exactly I wanted – chocolate shake, as always) and randomly eavesdropping in and out of the family’s discussion, especially the kids’, on what they were planning to get. Time seemed to pass slowly, but at last, after fifteen minutes or so, they were done and it was my turn.

Once my milkshake was ready, I went to the payment counter and took my wallet out. “You don’t have to pay for this” I was told. “Why?” I asked her, while playing different scenarios in my mind – is it on the house, is today one of those free scoop of ice-cream days at the store, etc. “They paid for you”, she pointed her finger towards where the happy family was seated. I smiled, thanked her and walked towards them.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” I told them. “Well, you had to wait that long because of us, this is the least we could do” said the mother of the two girls. “You made my day!” I exclaimed. I expressed my gratitude to them again, for their consideration and kindness, and left.

The smile that appeared on my face then seems to be permanently stuck till now.

Such a refreshing incident this has been! I want to pay this forward. And, soon, I will.

Happy weekend, folks!




There have been a few amazing weekends so far this year that I’ve missed writing about here. At this point I am sure I’ve forgotten the little details that I would have liked to note down, but better late than never. So here’s what I remember of the adventures so far –


A weekend in February was spent roaming around DC Metro and MD. We visited a museum or two; other than that, though, most of our sightseeing escapades involved spending time outdoors. The weather was biting cold those three days, but that didn’t deter us from visiting one waterfront after another. When there’s good company and great conversations to be had, nothing else matters, right? Amazing weekend, yes it was.


For the Easter weekend, plans were initially made and canceled due to my fever, etc. But as Friday morning approached, we decided to go ahead and head out for the weekend. I was getting better, that was good news; also, staying home all week only strengthened my urge to get going. So, we woke up, got ready, packed, and hit the road.

We drove to Wilmington, NC on Friday and spent the afternoon there. Given that it was still early in the season, the places were relatively less crowded. We got a chance to roam around the town and its neighboring beaches without the usual hustle-bustle.

After roaming around for a while, we stepped in to one of the local cafes (how is any trip complete without a stop at at least one local coffee shop?) to have some hot chocolate in order to fight the chill outside. The owner there enlightened us with some interesting points about the neighborhood, recommended some local restaurants for dinner, and also let us in on an insider secret about how to escape the never-ending queue at the famous local shop that sold country’s best donuts. Yes, we tried her trick; yes, it worked – within minutes of putting her words into action, I walked in and out with half a dozen donuts in my hand to the envy of people who’d been standing in the line for much longer. Ha!

As time approached for dinner, the partner pointed out to the cozy Parisian looking, waterfront facing balconies in a restaurant that looked very inviting. We stepped in, asked to be seated in one of the balconies, forgetting the cold wind. We sat there, with our winter jackets still on and enjoyed the view for a while. When it came time to place orders, though, we ran out of luck. I am a vegetarian and a picky eater. The restaurant only had one vegetarian appetizer, which we ordered, and two vegetarian main courses. Of the two main courses, one had eggplant in it, which I do not eat, and the other had so much cheese in it that I decided not to have that either. Hence, once we finished appetizer we walked out in search of another restaurant for the rest of the dinner. By the time we decided on another place and went there, our appetite had died down and we ended up, again, ordering an appetizer, sharing that and calling it a meal. Good times.

We spent that night in Wilmington and drove to Savannah, GA on Saturday. What can I say about this place? Where do I start? The partner has been here before and I’ve seen the pictures he’d taken during that trip. To top that, the partner had only fond things to say about the town. So here I was, all excited to experience the beauty and form warm memories of my own. And to say that I was not let down would be an understatement. That tranquil feeling this tiny European town look-alike evoked in me was enough to make me fall in love with the place once and for all. Ireland – that’s what came to mind after the first few hours we spent in Savannah. So much that we even wove dreams of maybe someday moving to an Irish city and exploring that side of the world. Anyway, I couldn’t get enough of it during the two days I was there. And I can’t wait to go back there someday.


When we moved here last year, I remember seeing our current home for the first time and falling in love with all the space it had to offer. Coming from a city like Boston where we lived in tiny apartments, the porches and the backyards here seemed heavenly. As we were in the process of finalizing the place, there was one thing that the partner pointed out that we put aside as something to plan when the right time came. “Look at the backyard; it’s a perfect place to play Holi, don’t you think? We should definitely do it” he had said.

Fast forward so many months and the time eventually came. We chose a day, keeping in mind the weather, to celebrate Holi and welcome Spring. Colors and water balloons were bought. Invitations were sent out. Plans were made and finalized. And the day arrived in all its glory.

As people starting coming in right around the planned time, I was inside filling the water balloons. I could hear the guests cheer, and the kids laughing and running around. The partner called out and asked me to come join the fun. “Only a few more balloons and I’ll be there”, I announced, trying hard to get the job done quicker. And by the time I stepped out, I could hardly put a name to the colorful faces around me. Within seconds, I was one of them – an unrecognizable blob of color running behind the next person of interest with balloon in one hand and powder of some bright color in another.

Age was no barrier for all the excitement that was in the air. Grownups enjoyed it as much as the kids did. Everyone had fun… even our neighbor’s father who must be 80+ years of age – he didn’t play with us, but he sat there watching everyone go crazy and that, he said, was enjoyable in its own way. It sure was a success and the kids are already asking us when we can do it again.


This past weekend, one of our friends had us over for a sumptuous lunch; we watched a movie after, walked around Duke Gardens in the evening, played pool for a while before returning home to have another go at the grand meal that night. I still can’t get over how so delicious everything was. Yum!


There have been other fun weekends too – the afternoon when we went on a 10+ mile bike ride, all those evenings spent at cafes listening to live music, the time we went mini golfing and bowling, the night (which turned into day by the time we were finished) we spent playing Monopoly.


Ahh, the fun… may it continue forever.

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Dear Boston

My heart goes out to you, my beloved city. You are in my thoughts, today and always.

I love you. Stay safe.




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