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Feeling forlorn…

Feeling forlorn

the white

winter bloom


and withers…


Feeling forlorn

the fiery flame

burns out

and dies…


Feeling forlorn

the last snowflake


And melts…


Feeling forlorn

the sparkle in her


And breathes its last breath.





Surprise is… coming home late at night to find three adorable baby deer grazing on the lawn. Their shiny, beady eyes follow your steps as you get out of the car, fetch your bag from the rear seat, go over to check the mailbox and, finally, walk towards the front  door. They intently watch you for as long as they think it is safe and then run away as they sense you getting closer and closer, leaving you with a huge smile. What a way to end the day!



Dance like no one’s watching…

…they say.

And I did.

The weekend before last we rented a cabin in the mountains and took off Saturday morning. The drive was a bit stretched out (breaks, traffic, etc.), but it was fun nonetheless. We had two cars, six of us shuffling between the cars. And once we got near the mountain area, the fall colors were so breathtaking that the drive wasn’t a bother to anyone.

We reached the cabin around four in the evening. Temperature had gone down considerably by then. Heater was turned on. Fireplace was put to good use. All of us gathered around the orange-yellow flames of the fire for a while before venturing out to the balcony to enjoy the mountain views from all angles. Cameras were brought out and click, click, click – photos were taken of the colorful mountains, dark grey clouds, shy sun, fallen leaves.

Once it started getting dark, Ran stepped into the kitchen to start preparing for dinner. He started with cleaning and marinating the fish and the chicken we’d bought earlier that day, followed by cutting the veggies and prepping them for baking. Each one of stepped in and out of the kitchen, offering a helping hand every now and then. And the partner, as always, began playing music to up the cheery mood that all of us were in. And a song or two later, he also began moving to the rhythm.

There I was standing on the sidelines, watching the big smile on his face as he danced around, sinking in all the joy that the evening brought with it, and moments later he pulled me in. And what happened next surprised me to no end. I joined him! Without any hesitation, without second thoughts, without feeling conscious about everyone else around, I was hopping along on my happy feet.

These were some of my closest friends I was with. And then of course there was the partner. Yet, it startled me to spot that behavior of mine. It’s so unlike me to have given in so quickly. And there I was, doing just that. Of course, I am glad I did. Because had it been any other way, it might not have been as much fun and I may have regretted it later. That evening brought with it a lot of excitement. Enough to last the days to come.

We danced. For hours together. Some more than the others. We danced as the dinner cooked. We danced as Ree took a nice relaxing bath and then had her dinner. We danced as the food called out to us. We danced until our feet hurt. We danced like there was no tomorrow. We danced until we could label it one of the most memorable evenings ever, because almost all of us hadn’t danced like that in years. And yes, we danced like no one was watching.

And after about five or six hours, it came to a stop. The partner and Ran still had the momentum to go on. But hunger and weariness took over the rest of us. So we dropped, one after another.  And that was the end of it… well almost – the partner and Ran danced for one last song before calling it quits. The others sat and watched, astounded by their energy levels.

We had plans to play a game of Monopoly after dinner. But none of us had it in us to sit a few more hours and see a game through. After the time that we had just had, sleep was extremely eager to embrace us. So we called it a night right after dinner.

Great friends. Tons of fun. Delicious food. What’s not to love?

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Thank you, J K Rowling!

My fondness for Harry Potter series is no secret. Granted, I hopped on the bandwagon much later than many others I know, but that surely didn’t take away from the love I have for the books. And as much as I whine about how the movies aren’t at par with the books, I enjoy watching them nevertheless. For the past three years, I’ve read all the books in the series once a year (mostly during the Dec-Jan time) and then caught up with all the movies right after. And the last time I did it, the partner joined me in watching the movies.

It was fun. To have him join in on the adventure. To see him as restless as I was when we stopped at crucial points for various reasons. To feel my excitement double as I realized his appreciation. To watch his questioning eyes as he failed to understand little details, the ones only the readers of the book would’ve been able to catch, here and there. He had a ton of questions all through the journey. And I did my best filling in the gaps for him.

Yet, somehow, I didn’t think that was enough. Because, you see, when he reads or watches something his brain cells apprehend more than my little mind does. He observes. He thinks. And he finds the deeper meaning behind every word. And, as greedy as I am, I wanted to see this tale of witches and wizards unfold through his attentive eyes. I wanted listen to him share his experiences as he read through one book after another. I wanted to spend hours together pondering on the interesting discussions I was sure he would bring up. I wanted him to read the books.

So, time and time again, I put forth that option to him. But he rejected it, always with a smile, explaining that, need be, I could connect the dots for him and that he didn’t think reading the books now (after seeing all the movies) would be as much fun since he knew how the story unfolded. I disagreed.

 It bothered me. It’s not that he doesn’t read – he is an ardent reader and he enjoys the world of fiction as much as anyone else. Whenever you give him a choice of reading a book vs. watching the movie version of the same, he’ll choose to do the former first because he agrees that the words bound together in a tale provide levels of details, which are, most of the times, left out in the latter. Yet, when it came to this series he chose to stay away. Primarily because he was content with all that the movies had to offer. And then there was me, who helped him put together missing pieces.

Still, I persisted. I nagged him every chance I got. Every time he would ask me for book suggestion I would point him to this series. And he would find a reason or two to dismiss my recommendation and move on to the next in line. This went on for months. Until one fine day, weeks ago, he gave in. I didn’t know how. I didn’t know why. I didn’t care. I was on cloud nine. He asked me where the book was; I pointed him towards the shelf in the living room. He picked up the first one and took a seat next to me on the couch. For some time there I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was blinded by tears of joy (ok, a little exaggeration that one, but what I was feeling back then was close to this, ok?). Guilt took over for a little while – I told him that I could recommend some other book, that he didn’t have to read this just because of my constant hassling. He quickly dismissed it and I was more than happy to move on (What? I wasn’t going to give him another chance out. I gave him one; that shows how generous I am).

The journey has begun. It’s been weeks since that evening. And a lot of reading is being done. Every day after dinner, we curl up with the comforters and get lost in the land of books for hours together. He has read two books so far and is almost done with the third. I am beyond myself every time I see him impatiently wait for that time of the day when he gets to read. Every other night, for a while before falling asleep, we talk about Harry Potter. A discussion or two have already cropped up and I enjoyed listening to his insights on those occasions. And then there are his remarks, which are amusing in their own way –

“Albus is so careless!” “How can Albus not know this and that?” “I like Voldemort!” “I can identify most with Fred and George.” “Look, Sirius Black’s name has appeared for the first time” “But this wasn’t in the movie…” “Question – who/what/when/how/why…” (my response always being ‘read along and you will find out’), “Dobby is here” “Albus is so wise, there’re so many life lessons to learn from what he has to say” “If I were Quirrell and Voldemort shared my body, I would make him listen to meditation music and calm him down a bit. It would work, don’t you think?” etc.

Immense joy, this is it! A great amount of fun, this is it! Love, this is it!

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When you’re away…

When you’re away –

I miss your laughter


through the walls…

I miss the sweet nothings


every once in a while…

I miss the calmness of your breath


the nook of my neck…

I miss that sparkle in your eyes


following me all around…

I miss the goodmorning kiss


placed on my cheek…

I miss us


in that eternal embrace –

when you are away.


Music in the Silence

A serene kind of darkness surrounds.

It’s the time when the sun, with his first rays, hasn’t yet set fire to the sea. It’s the time when everyone, in their peaceful state, is enjoying the last frames of their colorful dreams. It’s the time when the birds haven’t woken, yet, to ring the day with their happy tweets. It’s the time when joy and sorrow take a back seat at everyone’s mind, leaving it in a state of oblivion. It’s the time before dawn when the world is still enamored by the final silver rays of smiling moon.

A musical kind of silence surrounds.

It’s the time when one can hear the symphony of the humblest rustle of the autumn leaves. It’s the time when one can hear the hushed hymn of the twinkling stars. It’s the time when one can hear a melody as the dew drops come to life. It’s the time when one can hear the chime of the clock every passing second. It’s the time when one can hear the gentle breeze smoothly whisking away the mystical carpet of mist.

A sacred kind of love surrounds.

Amidst the darkness all around, I see on your face the expression of pure bliss, lost in the land of trance. For minutes together I stand there staring at you; I take it all in, for it brings my heart and mind more calm. Amidst the silence all around, I hear, so clearly, every thump in your chest, as I rest next to you. Your heartbeats, your breathing, creates a musical of its own, taking me to a more peaceful place. In those moments I experience an emotion so deep, so positively overwhelming, that I look at you with a newfound sort of love.

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Happy Sky

Scarlett sun rises,

streaks of red appear across the blue sky –

Love and joy fills the air.


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