Birds, Jupiter, two of its Moons, and our Moon

This past weekend was pretty awesome. And it was mostly because of what happened Saturday evening. After a tiring drive, which later felt like was for a lost cause, that morning, and after merely resting all afternoon, with a little bit of reading, discussing next steps, etc., we decided to go to a nearby State Park to make sure our weekend didn’t feel squandered. And the little time that we spent there made up for all the seemingly futile hours of the day.

We met two gentlemen in the park who said that they were there to sky gaze. They had two huge telescopes pointing to some specific spot up above, and when asked what they were observing, they were kind enough to let us see through the scopes.

One of the scopes was to look at Jupiter. Where do I even begin to say how mesmerizing that whole sight was, to be able to view Jupiter and two of its Moons (one of which was IO, they mentioned) so closely? The first time I saw through the scope, I thought I was seeing the Moon, but K asked me to go back and peer in carefully, and that is when I noticed the rings of Jupiter and also the great red spot.  It was beyond beautiful, to say the least. All those things that the mind occupied itself with until then vanished at that moment when I looked at that hypnotic sight. Mind had to be blank to fully fathom this monumental flash in time, there was no other way around it.

And only when I thought there was nothing more spellbinding than the sight that I’d just seen, I hopped over to where the second telescope stood and glanced at what it had to offer. Oh my, oh my. This one was facing the Moon. Our Moon. And I gasped at the first sight. The Moon was flawless. With all its dips and dark spots, the Moon was still nothing but perfect. If I could have, I would have sat there all evening without letting anyone else have a chance to get a sneak peek at that splendor.

After witnessing all that, I would’ve assumed that there was nothing much else that can make my heart skip a beat at that tick in time. And, again, I would’ve been wrong. Standing there, we’d been hearing a lot of noise of birds chirping incessantly. Only when we walked towards the lake shore did we realize what that hubbub was all about.

There were tens of thousands of birds along the opposite shore, some of them flying around, some of them basking in the glory of the evening sky from atop the trees, some of them taking a dip in the lake, but all of them tweeting unceasingly. I’ve never before seen so many birds together. Like I said, there were tens of thousands of them there. K mentioned they may be migratory birds, flying towards their final destination through here. If when standing on the other side we could hear that uproar so distinctly, I wonder what the case would have been with people who were living nearby where the birds decided to halt. As much as I love hearing birds squeak, I don’t think I would’ve welcomed all of them together to sing me a song oh so loudly. Nevertheless, it was indeed an amusing sight to see and a blast to hear from this far.

Now, with all that happening within an hour or two of Saturday evening, it still was enough to make this past weekend extra-ordinary, no matter how idly we spent the rest of the time. Don’t you agree?



  1. #1 by anisnest on March 12, 2014 - 12:53 pm

    now I have watched Jupiter and Moon, heard those birds chirping through your words.. sounds magical..

    🙂 yes, magical it sure was.


  2. #2 by asouthindian on March 12, 2014 - 10:33 pm

    i could imagine the sight from your words…beautifully put … feels like i was standing there witnessing what you did … and even in my imagination it feels quite awesome 🙂

    it is pretty awesome. especially that feeling when you’re looking through the telescope that they are so close, just an arms reach away, but when you get yourself out of that and realize the massiveness of it all, it’s truly mind boggling.


  3. #3 by Tharani on March 12, 2014 - 11:23 pm




  4. #4 by Raindrop on March 13, 2014 - 5:32 am

    I wish to see the planets too. Maybe it will come true sometime. Simply fascinated with the sky.
    First time here…lovely blog!

    thank you!


  5. #5 by Avada Kedavra on March 13, 2014 - 2:50 pm

    Yep I have seen moon and jupiter with its moons on our telescope and can totally relate to the excitement 🙂

    i want to see mars, venus and all those things too someday.
    you have a telescope? oh wow, that’s cool!


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