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Weight Loss

We, K and I, are waiting at the oral surgeon’s office for a consultation. I am not too anxious, but in the hopes of calming my slightly tense nerves K has this to say –

Look at the bright side – imagine all that weight you’ll lose after the few hours of surgery. Getting rid of 4 wisdom teeth at one go definitely will help towards your weight loss goal.

Yupe, that sure perked me up right away.



Baby cries…

…rings throughout our home.

Peanut and her folks (parents, grandparents and grandaunt) have come over to stay at our place for a couple of days. Their apartment flooded this morning due to some malfunction in their washer. Hence they were forced to take sanctuary here until their place is dehumidified and cleared of all the soaked carpets.

As much trouble as it is for the new parents and others, I am unable to contain my glee every time I see Peanut. I beam every time I hear her squeaky voice; I run over to be by her side every time she opens her eyes and steps out of her state of slumber. Her tiny palms and those long fingers, her little toes, her beady eyes, her rose bud lips – I can stare her all day long and not be bored for a second. The calmness that surrounds just by looking at her has no comparison. She imparts serenity wherever she is, I tell you. She is just so perfect and oh so beautiful, in every little way.

I am head over heels in love with this little darling.


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