Upon the beginning of yet another week the snow falls, soft yet heavy. The weather seems resolute to beat my Monday blues. Everywhere, everything is sheathed in white, leaving me to experience a deep sense of calm in this morning hour of hustle and bustle. I can sit still on this windowsill all day long with some hot cocoa to sip on every once in a while and a book to distract me when the dazzle of the flurries becomes too bright to watch devotedly. Nevertheless it’s Monday, and duty calls.

As I head out, I am instantaneously made aware of the fact that I am not going to be spared of the fervor of the stormy sky. The glittering of the light flakes caught on my dark ensemble creates a new style that I’m happy to flaunt as I tread the familiar streets. I take the first few steps vigilantly, looking down and avoiding the patches of black ice so artfully hidden here and there or the puddles of slush stagnant in disarray.

Suddenly a huge block of snow falls a few feet in front of me as the wind forces it down from its resting place (was it one of the tree branches or was it from the top of one of the edifices nearby?) and addles me for a brief moment. And that flash in time is enough to erase my conscious restraint on my strides. I move, now, more freely.

I can’t see, but I can feel a thin layer of white covering my hair. The little flurries melt, and the tiny droplets trickle down my hair reaching my scalp or the back of my neck or, tingling me as they go. I wonder if my grey hair is visible anymore or if the snow has masked all of it successfully. Who needs hair dye to hide the grey when you can parade a head full of sparkles this way?

The walk, however long, doesn’t seem so. As I enter the office building, I vow to go to the nearest window every hour or so to marvel at the falling snow and sigh in pure contentment. But the day passes and my next glimpse of the splendor is only when I step out in the evening. The biting cold air hits my face as I open the door and dash into the road.

And off I go to live and write another chapter of love with my beloved snow.


  1. #1 by celestialrays on February 10, 2016 - 3:23 am

    Beautiful! Snow does that to one. What I like the best about it is the silence when it falls. All this snow, yet no splatter splatter.

    Ahh yes. That musical silence deserves a post of its own.


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