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My Happy Place

Our library.

Yes, library! All these years it was bookshelves scattered all over the place with just a dream of having a dedicated space for a library. And now, we finally have one – one small room with wall to wall bookshelves to hold the woven pages that we’ve collected and cherished over the years.

While we were looking for a place to move into as we relocated to Boston, we walked through house after house, rejecting most of them because of not feeling a sense of home while there, among other factors. And this particular house was no exception; there were quite a few reasons to disregard the positives and keep on looking. But all that changed as we walked into that one room. As soon as our eyes caught a glimpse of what it comprised and what it could potentially be, we knew this was home.

A home with a library!

I make it a point to spend some time in there every day. It’s time devoted to practicing meditation of sorts… I sit there, calm and quiet, not being bothered by what happened or what is to come; I sit there as if time has stopped to let me take advantage of the beauty in the stillness and silence that surrounds; I sit there, lost in a million spattered thoughts, yet at the same time with a clear mind, one that’s free of it all… It’s time devoted to experiencing the poetic depth of solitude.

It’s my time in my happy place.


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Let’s go

Let’s sail the vast oceans until we  have found exactly where the sky meets the sea. Let’s hike the high mountains until we have reached the point from where we can touch the surface of the moon with our fingertips while we balance ourselves on the tips of our toes. Let’s tread the trails amidst the trees until we have explored every nook and cranny of the deepest of deep forests. Let’s travel the universe until we have tired our hearts and souls and minds trying to comprehend the mysteries buried in every star in every Galaxy.

And after all that, let’s still keep going!


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