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After hours of relentless spilling, the stormy clouds, finally, find a way to appease their tempestuousness. Everything outside is covered with a thick glaring white blanket of snow. The sun plays peek-a-boo; one second you can see it push away the anemic clouds surrounding it, while the next the clouds suddenly boast their dexterity. Wind takes control and gives way for the sun to shine brighter and brighter with all its might.

Droplets of melting snow glisten under the rays as they sway with the breeze.

You gaze into the beads that have now formed on the windowsill. You observe them all, one after the other. Humble and open, each one of them embraces the mysteries of the skies and the earth within. Spellbound, you look in curiously seeking to dissect its depths, yet find yourself unreservedly dwindling into its abyss.

Time scurries past and you drift in and out. These few hours, this afternoon, the few tiny globules of thawed snow become a sanctuary of sorts for your otherwise nomadic mind.


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