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Kruger Sightings 

“To be able to see any of the animals in the wild, one has to be in the right place at the right time. No one can ever tell what the right place or the right time is though.” we were told.

Fortunately, below are all the instances when we found ourselves in the right place at the right time by the mercy of the jungle gods –

77 African Lions (various Prides, one lone lioness, one mating pair, one lioness with two little cubs). 7 Cheetahs (2 adult and 5 cubs). 5 Leopards (one cub and mother, three loners). 15 White Rhinos. 1 African Wildcat. 16 Hyenas. 25 Wild Dogs (two or three different packs). 2 Nyalas. 8 Jackals. 1 Bushpig. 1 Reedbuck. 3 Leopard Tortoise. 2 Puff Adders. 1 Chameleon.

Tens of Steenboks, Klipspringers, Hippos, Warthogs, Duikers, Crocodiles, Tsessebes, Dwarf Mongoose, Banded Mangoose.

Hundreds of Elephants, Giraffes, Waterbucks, Kudus, Vervet Monkeys, Baboons, Buffaloes.

Thousands of Wildebeests, Impalas, Zebras.

And 50-70 different species of birds.

All in all, one amazing trip.



Twilight Sky

Is it just me


do you really blush 

and color the sky pink 

when I lock my eyes

on you?

Do you really think

that a thin veil

of splashing waves

can distract me

from the mesmerizing you?


Happy Traveller 

I’m off to South Africa (Kruger National Park) for three weeks. Looking forward to living in the wild!

After hours in the air

nights become days

and days dissolve into nights –

even though weary and tired

the eyes feel sleepy yet alive.

The feet, the happy feet –

always ready to tread

for a little longer

to catch a glimpse

of all that lies ahead

one step at a time.

The mind, the spirited mind –

always full of wanderlust

dreams of seeing

all that is unseen

one place at a time.



Like a River

Meandering through,

twisting and turning,

along the expanse of life,

around every block,

determined and patient –

I carve my own way


Reading nook

In that cozy little corner 

where faded rays of the sun 

seeps through

and the booming sound of the rain 

echoes – 

I settle with a book in hand

and get lost

in a world 

unlike my own. 


Spring Rain

Little droplets falling from heaven –

divine blessings it offers with every touch;

merry verses it hums with the gentle breeze;

and, a million stories it shares –

with all who can sense that brief

hiatus time then takes.

One day songs will be sung; tales will be told –

of a silly girl who always paused

and looked up whenever time stood still.

(or was it that time stood still whenever she looked up?)

Will you stop

to listen

to her story; to her song –

about how the little droplets falling from heaven

always blessed her with a spring under her steps

as she rejoiced under the pouring sky?

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Conference Call

It’s been a couple of days since parents landed here.

A jetlagged Appa can be seen walking around the house like a zombie at times, and an over enthusiastic Amma can be found clitter-clattering around the kitchen most of the times. To avoid being disturbed, I lock myself in the study as I work from home and step out only to take little breaks every now and then.

This afternoon, at the stroke of lunch hour, I go down to get some food and promptly come back to the study with a bowl of rice. I turn on some show on Netflix on my phone and mindlessly start to devour what’s in my hands. Within seconds, I hear footsteps outside the door and Appa makes an appearance.

Even before I make eye contact with him, even before I can utter a word, even before I have a chance to pick up my phone and put the show on pause, he profusely apologizes for walking in on me during what he thinks is an official conference call, and walks out feeling utterly guilty for disturbing me.

You know what’s funny? – what he heard and assumed to be a “conference call” was nothing but a steamy / extremely passionate moment between two people in the episode.

“Conference call” it is then; the not-so-poetic but supremely funny metaphor will never fail to elicit laughter bouts in our household for eons.


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