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Surprise is… coming home late at night to find three adorable baby deer grazing on the lawn. Their shiny, beady eyes follow your steps as you get out of the car, fetch your bag from the rear seat, go over to check the mailbox and, finally, walk towards the front  door. They intently watch you for as long as they think it is safe and then run away as they sense you getting closer and closer, leaving you with a huge smile. What a way to end the day!





We stepped into a café in Old San Juan after walking around the city all morning, which was hot and humid and blistering. We ordered a blended coffee drink and sat there discussing this and that while waiting to be served. The partner then noticed that one of the baristas at that café had a tattoo on her arm. He looked at it intently and let me know that it was the date April 1, 2011 in roman numerals.

What do you think it signifies? he asked

Probably her wedding day or perhaps the day her kid was born. Some major life event like that, I suppose.

But she looks so young, he pointed out.

Which she did. She was a petite woman and appeared, to us, to be in her teens.

Let’s just ask her.

So, when it came time to leave, we went to the billing counter and this barista happened to be there. The partner pointed to her tattoo and asked her what it meant.

It’s April 1, 2011, she said.

Oh yes, that I figured, but what does that signify? he asked.

Since English wasn’t one of her strongest points, she drew a blank. And since Spanish isn’t a language we can speak, there was an awkward silence for a moment until the partner found a way to keep the conversation going.

What is it, that date? Is it your birth date? he asked.

And both the barista and I stared at him for a few seconds before breaking into laughter.  She looked young, yes, but nowhere close to being called a two and half year old.

Oh no, not my birth date, it’s my son’s, she said, still chuckling.

Later the partner had this to say in his defense since I kept giggling every now and then recalling the conversation

I knew it wasn’t her birth date, but at that moment I didn’t know how else to put forth that question to her, what with her poor English and our non-existent Spanish speaking skills.

Of course I realized that. But that doesn’t take the amusement factor away, does it?



Realizations on Easter Sunday

Trust is…

…wearing skates, trying to glide with overflowing fear, yet overcoming the fright and moving forward because there are those arms right behind you that have promised never to let you fall. You don’t have to see them, you don’t have to feel them every second…but when you need support, they are right there to hold on to…all you need to do is wave or cry out once or maybe do a short ‘instability’ dance and there they are, giving you all the help you need.

But, of course, there are those moments when you feel like you are going to fall, you scream and shout and do all sorts of drama, still the supportive hands don’t show up because they have more confidence in you than you do. As much as you curse that daring act then, you realize that it’s all worth it; that it’s all part of the teaching-learning process.


Wonder is…

…when a toddler, on his still wobbly feet, succeeds in walking past you, on skates. His pace much steadier, mind more fearless, heart more pleased…leaves you wondering where that once bold attitude of yours got dropped during this journey called life. What all growing up does to you – losing the innocence, the brave heart and what not…why oh why?


Learning to skate, relaxing by the river, gulping down ice cream at a newly discovered coffee / ice cream shop afterward…a nice Sunday, all in all. How was yours?


Hanging upside down…

…while enjoying a snack. Will you be able to do it? 🙂



Pics were taken a month or two ago in the park by SB.


‘How bad can it be?’

How do you feel when you move to a new place or start a new phase of life…Scary at first, right? You go on a roller-coaster ride of emotions – how you so want to go back to the known territory, yet somehow deep inside you know you want to experiment with what the new world has to offer.

That’s exactly how she felt when she was introduced to it. The thought that something might go wrong in someway constantly bothered her…so she kept away as much as she could. She made sure there was always someone around whenever she was handling it. And not once did she try to do anything she wasn’t taught how to…she maintained the distance.

But it all changed withtime…Familiarity crept in, slowly but steadily. And now she has come to master it :-).

This is a pic of my mother using my sister’s Mac.

Amma with Mac

And this was the conversation between sis and Amma that evening –

Sis: Amma, that’s a mac. It’s different from the usual Windows systems you are used to. So lemme show you how to…

Amma: Oh dear, how hard can it be? All I want to do it open a browser and check my email. You don’t think I can handle that? I’ll be fine, don’t you worry.

Sis: Huh????!???!! Ok!

Today when Amma received my Uncle’s email informing her that he has bought a new PC, this was part of her her reply to him –

Dear Brother,

Go to gmail, create an account for yourself…that way you can use it with Google Talk and we can voice chat (will tell you how to once you have the account). Get it? Otherwise let me know and I will explain in detail or maybe just create an account for you. OK?

Your Sis.

For someone who was afraid to use the computer without supervision…for someone who thought she would never get what this whole WWW is about…for someone who refused to go by the computer for days because it crashed when she was using it – getting to this point is a great achievement in itself, I think :-).

She makes sure she, at the least, knows what ‘hot trend’ on the WWW today is…a month or so ago, from who knows where, she learned all about twitter and discussed it with me :-). She isn’t afraid of experimenting anymore…if something goes wrong, she is sure to ask / understand what she did to cause it and how not to do it again. And she is confident enough to handle anything that comes her way… 🙂

I’m so proud of you, Amma. You are way too ‘cool’ ;-).


Kurshit, my sweetheart…

…is one of the best memories from my childhood. Kurshit was the definition of cuteness for me. His green eyes. His pink cheeks. His rosebud lips. His soft spongy body. Aaahhh, I can go on and on. I’m sure whoever saw me with him envied me a lot. He was such a sweetheart; everyone wanted him, you see, but he was all mine…just mine.

I used to love spending time with him…
…I could go on for hours sitting on the terrace gazing at the blue sky, whenever he were to lie on my lap and keep me company.
…I could go on forever looking at him sleep, oh so peacefully.
…I would finish all my HW as soon as I got home just so I can be with him (and my (grand)parents thought I finished my HW soon because I was interested in it or whatever. Yeah, right !)
…I would never go to bed without kissing him goodnight and many days I was even lucky enough to sleep by his side.

Those were beautiful days. But then, things started changing slowly. He got weaker and weaker as days passed. And one fine day, he was gone. It was painful. It really was. All the fun we had, all the good times we shared – everything was taken away from me for good. I was shattered. I missed him a lot…I still do.

I asked my grandma what went wrong. I was desperate to know why he was taken away from me. She mentioned that he got too weak and didn’t have a lot of energy to give me company. She said he passed away because he was not properly cared for. I couldn’t believe what I heard, but there was nothing I could do. I was helpless. Even though I took good care of him, even though I knew I looked out for him more than anyone, the fact was that Kurshit was no more and I made my peace with it.

Kurshit, my lovey, I hope you knew how much I loved you. You never failed to bring a smile to my face & your presence always made my day brighter and for all that I will always be grateful. I miss you, my sweetheart !

Today, I called my Mom to ask her where Kurshit was from / if she had more details, etc. For a while there she didn’t know who I was talking about. After I successfully restored her corrupt memory, she told me that he was from Germany and that, if at all anyone, only my late grandfather would have more info on him. Oh well…


Alright now, let me leave you guys with a pic of his. Now, you must note that this is not his pic, but something very close to what he looked like. He was wayyyyyyyyyyyy cuter than what you see in the pic… Click here.

Isn’t he cute? 😉


Now for all those curious minds who would like to know how he died – well, his head fell off. I remember playing with him even when he was in two pieces, but that didn’t last long because grandma got furious about all the cotton stuffing that was coming out of his body. So, we tried stitching him back together, but even then he didn’t survive long. Only if I were a little careful :-(…


He made my day!!!

He was cute, he was curious, he was full of life, he was all smily-smily, and he was different. His smile was all that I could’ve wished for yesterday!!!

It was a usual Monday with many unusual things happening around me. I was exhausted by the time I got out of work in the evening. I had to buy something, so I decided to go shopping. But again, couldn’t find what I really wanted – what a bummer!!! It was around 8PM when I realized I was too tired roaming the streets looking for that one perfect thing I wanted to buy…so I went to the T-stop and took the train – I decided to go home, have dinner, catch up with friends and sleep…

This is when I saw him…

He was right there, sitting in front of me… I didn’t notice him for the first few minutes… I caught a glimpse of him when I heard some noise, someone dropped something… His eyes were so vibrant… I didn’t want to take my eyes off of his, but then I had to; I didn’t wanna creep him out by starring at him the whole time… I kept gazing him every few seconds during my 10 minute train ride… He was just soooo sweet, anyone would’ve done the same thing…

His eyes portrayed a perfect picture of happiness and his smile depicted a content individual… I was awestruck – the curiosity I saw in his eyes, the enthusiasm I felt from his looks – wow, it is just too wonderful to be captured in words… I can’t explain what was special abt him or his eyes or his smile, but there was something out of the ordinary… I was actually kinda glad that things didn’t go too well all day, ‘cause now I was able to enjoy those few minutes in the train starring at him… If it were just another usual day, then who knows, I might not have paid attention to him!!!

Thanks to whoever you are – you made my day yesterday!!! I had a peaceful sleep last nite (even after having a long bad day!) and I’m gonna give you credit for that… I wish to see you again sometime and this time I will make sure I tell your parents what an adorable toddler you are!!! All kids are adorable and cute, but you were just a lot cuter 🙂


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