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“What if…”

…wonders the heart and wanders into a dream that will remain just that, a dream.

Would you let it go already? Why did you have to build castles in the air even before things started to take shape? Why were so overly confident that you didn’t even take a minute to think about other possibilities? If you hadn’t done all that, maybe this wouldn’t have come as such a big disappointment.

…retorts the mind.

But…but I was only being optimistic. I just can’t understand why it didn’t work out.

…cries the heart.

It wasn’t meant to be, that’s why. Everything happens for a reason, don’t you know? Something better is waiting just around the corner…so quit being so upset and don’t give up hope yet. I need you with me so we can move on, OK?

…the mind tries to pacify the heart.


…the heart nods. But there’s still that twinge of regret deep somewhere and so, it goes back to wandering and wondering…

What if…



The Cycle

The beautiful snow covered trees out her window soothed her soul. They taught her how to hide behind a veil. Like those trees, she put on a smile on her face to conceal the deep anguish of her heart. No mask could change the reality of life though. With time, the truth resurfaced –  just as the snow melted revealing the bareness of the trees, so did her smile, fading slowly but steadily with every disappointment and failure that life threw her way.

Right when she was ready to give up on seeking contentment and peace, she saw tiny green leaves sprouting on those naked trees outside her window. The very branches that kept her company during the desolate period of her life now symbolized hope to her. And she smiled again, a hopeful one this time around. Life is but a cycle of joy and grief and it won’t be long before happiness came her way, she realized.


Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #66

It was love at first sight.

Look at him. That smile, those eyes – he’s the one.

…she exclaimed.

Endless suspense coming to an end. A lifetime’s dream finally taking shape. Few more days to complete adoption paperwork and she’ll have a baby.

A baby, showered with love. A mother, soaked in bliss. A happy family.


This is my entry for Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #66 It was love at first sight.



The day of her return

For years he’s been masking his grief with hopes of seeing her again. All his efforts of negotiating a common ground had gone futile and she had made up her mind that he was a hindrance to her dreams. How she could misinterpret his love for control, he never understood.

She had left without saying goodbye and there hasn’t been a day ever since when he hasn’t wished for her to come back to his embrace.

Everyday he would wake up wishing for the door bell to ring, waiting for that one person who had the power to make him truly happy, hoping that day would be of her return. But years went by without a word from her. Every letter he sent, each phone call he made, all the messages he forwarded through family/friends were unanswered.

His heart broke in the mornings when he didn’t have her smile to wake up to; his heart ached in the afternoons when he saw no mails from her; his heart hurt in the evenings when he came back to an empty home; his heart prayed hard at nights hoping for tomorrow to be the day he got to see her again.

And for almost a decade, his prayers went unanswered, just like all the messages he sent to her. But today was different – today, he woke up feeling cheerful; today, he opened the door to get the newspaper, but found a treasure waiting for him; today, she was here again.

Standing in front of him, looking into his eyes, she couldn’t help but feel sorry.

I’m sorry for whatever I did. I know I have no right coming here like this, but I wanted to tell you that you were right. I caused you a lot of pain and I will do anything to make it up to you, if at all that’s possible. Daddy, please forgive me.

She sobbed, as she apologized for misunderstanding his intentions.

He smiled; he tried to catch the right words to say, but he remained speechless. Although his life has been hell since her departure, he forgave her, like only a parent can do – selfless love that forgives and forgets without any second thoughts.

This moment has crossed my mind million times; I’ve practiced my reaction over and over and yet, here I am looking at you and I don’t know what to do or say. I’m happy that you are back. I don’t care if I was right…I never did. It was more about you choosing a good life path than me being right. I would’ve been gladder if things had worked out for you the way you wanted, it breaks my heart that it didn’t. But you are back and I want to cherish this. Everything else comes later.

And just like that, with random images of the good old days of his time with his daughter playing in his mind, he embraced her. As years of sadness ebbed from his heart, he welcomed joy with open arms.


This is my entry for Three Word Wednesday Prompt CLXXXVIebb, negotiate, random.



Finding solace

It’s been months since he created that void in her heart and left her forever, but the pain remained in her as if everything happened just yesterday. It’s not so easy to forget someone who filled your life with so much joy for years together, is it? It’s hard to move on when a dear one’s departure comes unexpected, especially when things were going so great.  And that was exactly why she found it hard to let go, to find someone to help heal the hurt, to accept reality and to go on to cherish the wonderful memories.

Today was going to be different, though. It was going to be a usual day according to her…but the universe had other plans – it has conspired to bring back light into her life. The sun had risen this morning only to bless her with a special boon – the days of finding joy in those brazen eyes were going to be back; the evenings of coming home to someone who was dying to see you were going to be back; the nights of sitting on the couch, nuzzling every now and then, keeping each other company, were going to be back.

As she sat on the bench reminiscing the good old days of spending every evening in the park with him, recalling those scary gazes he gave everyone that even thought of coming near her, remembering his zest for life, a few tear drops found way through her cheeks. As she wiped off the flowing sorrow, her eyes met his. And at that moment her heart bloomed, again.

She saw a hunger for love in his eyes; the kind of love that she was sure she could provide. She wanted to embrace him, hold him close, but she just sat there following his every move. She felt happy when he came and sat next to her. She smiled, he came closer…and her happiness overflowed.

“Spike! There you are!”

…a voice came from behind as she started petting him.

“Oh hi. I’m sorry, he just came here and sat next to me.”

…she said.

“That’s alright. I was just worried when I couldn’t find him running around. Good to see you both getting along; he’s usually grumpy.”

…the woman said.

“Really? I find that hard to believe; he’s quite a charmer, I must say. I fell for him on first sight.”

…she explained, not being able to control her brimming joy.

“You know, he’s up for adoption, if you are interested.”

…the woman said, noticing the way she held him with love.

“Oh wow. I couldn’t be happier. I guess today is my day!”

…she exclaimed, with a blissful glow on her face as she hugged the puppy.

And with that, days of light were back; letting go became easy; and moving on, while treasuring the past, came to be.


This is my entry for 3WW Prompt #CLXXXIIBrazen, Hunger, Nuzzle.



Happily ever after

He stared at her lying on the bed blissfully drowning into the night. He switched off the lights and lay besides her on the bed recalling his journey with her…how she made the world a better place for him with just one smile, how the spark in her eyes were enough for him to forget all grief, how their children were so much like her, how she stood by him through all the difficult times, how graceful she was in whatever she did…the list was endless. He could go on days together if he started to muse over how he was blessed to have a wife, a support system like her. But he didn’t have that much time.

He gazed into the darkness as if he could see everything around him clearly. Had she seen his beady eyes wandering the dark, she would’ve said…

In your eyes, is my delight…without you around, nothing ever feels right.

…and she would’ve melted in his arms for a good night’s sleep. And that was something that always made him happy.

He smiled to the silence as if the night had murmured a secret into his ears. Had she seen him smile, she would’ve instantly asked…

What is it you find so amusing, dear?

…like always, followed by

Never mind. I don’t even want to know…as long as you are happy and smiling like this, I don’t need any reason.

Her eyes gleamed with pleasure every time she saw him smile. And that was enough to make his day.

More than half a century of togetherness had brought them very close. Two souls had become one, two hearts beat but always like one…in the harmony of love, in the sanctity of marriage, in the purity of true companionship. He had become so in tune with her that he could comprehend every one of her unsaid words, feel her innermost fears, talk straight to her heart, and understand her every move…or the lack of it, like now as she lay still besides him.

He kissed her one last time…there wasn’t even a question of choice in his mind. He knew what he had to do…he knew he couldn’t continue without her…he knew that the minute he sensed that she had stopped breathing in her sleep…he knew that he had to leave to be with her. Had she not made his life so beautiful, there would’ve been a choice. But that wasn’t the case. His life couldn’t have been the wonderful journey that it was if it wasn’t for her. So, death, if that meant being back with her, didn’t scare him a bit…he couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for them after life. He closed his eyes, with a wide grin on his face, realizing he was never going to wake up to life.

And they lived their lives after death happily ever after.


This is my entry for Carry on Tuesday Prompt #42What is it you find so amusing, dear?




In the darkness he would silently walk into the room, touch her arm and say

I can’t fall asleep, Ma. I’m scared…I hear noises near my window.

And she would always reply with a hug and a kiss. With his tiny hand holding on to her fingers and his face resting calmly on her, he would fall sound asleep in her arms in no time.

This had become a routine for a while now. She didn’t mind…as a matter of fact, she looked forward to that time of the night when he came over to her room. She loved the harmony these few moments brought to her heart and soul – hugging someone that’s a part of her, knowing that the sight of her makes all his fears vanish, seeing her beautiful child fall asleep feeling secure in her arms brought more peace to her than anything else.

But she also knew that he was ready to sleep alone without getting scared. After all, she wasn’t going to be around every night to put him to sleep once she starts to working nights.

Sweetheart, you shouldn’t really come looking for Mommy every night. You are a big boy now.

But I hear noises near my window and I get scared.

There’s nothing to be scared of…it’s just the rustling of leaves or the brushing of the rain drops against the window or the noisy winds. They won’t do you any harm, believe me. You can even take a look out the window and see that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s do it tonight before we go to bed and I’m sure you will be fine then, ok?

She had said.


He had agreed, half heartedly…there was no other choice, really.

As promised, she opened the window that evening to show him that there was nothing to be scared of. She assured there was nothing out of the ordinary outside, kissed him good night and walked to her room.

All night she twisted and turned on her bed waiting for the door to open any minute to see him walk in. Restlessness crept in with every passing second without his sight. As much as she wanted him to sleep by his own, as much as she was proud that her little boy overcame his fears, she couldn’t help but feel sad that his tiny feet didn’t come running to her.

As soon as the first ray of the sun fell on her window brightening the room, she walked to his room…to find it empty. Empty of the smell of her baby, empty of the sound of his breathing, empty of those eyes of promise, empty…empty of his presence. The disturbed scene of his room was enough to put her into shock…the open window, the messy bed, the lonely toys…something bad happened, she knew right away. Searching all over the house and the neighborhood only confirmed what the mother in her already felt.

Her baby was gone.

Did he leave on his own? Did someone take him? Was he hurt? Was he crying to be with her? Why did he go? When will he come back?…these are  just a few of the million that’s been eating her alive every morning ever since. She didn’t know the answers to any of these…but one thing she knew for sure was that it was her fault. He fault that she asked him to sleep alone, her fault that she opened the window the previous evening, her fault that she didn’t stop by his room every once in a while that night to check on him, her fault that he was not with her now. Guilt is not a good friend…it consumes one alive. And when it is about your own flesh and blood, then there’s no limit to the hurt it brings along.

One night changed it all…her life turned upside down, her heart crushed to pieces, her tears don’t want to quit, and her mind doesn’t want to rest. How she wishes all of this was nothing but a nightmare, how she hopes her child would come running into her arms right this second, how she wants to feel secure in his hug, how she longs to see his beautiful face in the light of the moon…only if!

Now all she is left with are insomnia and hope…one to keep her company and the other to give her the strength to survive.


This is my entry for Carry on Tuesday Prompt #41In the darkness, he touched her arm and said… and One single Impression Prompt #104Insomnia.



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