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The analogy of a frozen snowball

Ever, during one of your walks, kicked a stone/twig/pine-cone around along your route for fun? You know, like play football but with a stone or something and not a real ball.  Come on…don’t tell me you haven’t. It’s only one of the most jolly cheery things to do. I play this little game most of the evenings on my walk back home. Like today…but only that this evening it was with a frozen snowball.

So…I kicked the snowball, it rolled a few steps forward and halted, I reached its destination and kicked it again and kept repeating the cycle for a while…like I always do. With time, the snowball started to reduce in size, but it also kept going only to reach farther with every kick without losing any zest. And at one point, I got bored of kicking around something that didn’t totally break even after so much damage and moved on to continue the game with something else.

This got me to thinking and I realized something…

All of us put on the mask of strength and fight so many battles each and every day. Sometimes we win, sometimes we give in, we lose. Problems are no stranger to any of us. But the key to winning over any trouble is in understanding that giving up is not a solution, no matter what.

Think about it this way…the problems, the troubles that we face are like the kicks that the snowball had to withstand. Our spirit, our hopes are like the snowball. Even after so many kicks that it received, the snowball wasn’t ready to give up. It just worked harder and kept itself together. And I, the trouble, gave up after some point because I didn’t feel there was any fun left in kicking around something that was so stubborn not to let go of its wish to succeed…I moved on to another one – one which looked weaker, one which I thought would break after a kick or two.

Life is just like that. Trouble does let go of the stubborn heart. Because there’s nothing much that the Trouble can look forward in souls that don’t give up. It gets boring for the Trouble because it doesn’t see a scope for success. When you give up, the Trouble wins. And who doesn’t like to win? So, at some point, if Trouble doesn’t see any progress in its way to diminishing your drive and dampening your spirits, then it moves on to bother someone else. Trouble let’s go if it comes face to face with undying hope. It might take a lot of time for Trouble to realize the power of your hope, but it’s worth the wait.

Hope is the key to win over any Trouble. That’s how I see it. How about you?



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