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Happy Traveller 

I’m off to South Africa (Kruger National Park) for three weeks. Looking forward to living in the wild!

After hours in the air

nights become days

and days dissolve into nights –

even though weary and tired

the eyes feel sleepy yet alive.

The feet, the happy feet –

always ready to tread

for a little longer

to catch a glimpse

of all that lies ahead

one step at a time.

The mind, the spirited mind –

always full of wanderlust

dreams of seeing

all that is unseen

one place at a time.



Like a River

Meandering through,

twisting and turning,

along the expanse of life,

around every block,

determined and patient –

I carve my own way


Reading nook

In that cozy little corner 

where faded rays of the sun 

seeps through

and the booming sound of the rain 

echoes – 

I settle with a book in hand

and get lost

in a world 

unlike my own. 


Spring Rain

Little droplets falling from heaven –

divine blessings it offers with every touch;

merry verses it hums with the gentle breeze;

and, a million stories it shares –

with all who can sense that brief

hiatus time then takes.

One day songs will be sung; tales will be told –

of a silly girl who always paused

and looked up whenever time stood still.

(or was it that time stood still whenever she looked up?)

Will you stop

to listen

to her story; to her song –

about how the little droplets falling from heaven

always blessed her with a spring under her steps

as she rejoiced under the pouring sky?

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Come with me…

Come with me
to that happy place
that we once built
with colorful dreams –

to that place where every wall carries paintings of our togetherness;
to that place where every corner echoes with our smiles;
to that place where every tear shed was of joy;
to that place where our souls’ marks have been etched to stay through eternity –

Come with me
to that happy place
that gushes with love
for you.


This too shall pass…


the world

around me

falls apart,

looking into

your eyes

gives me

the strength

to boldly

move forward


to believe that

this too shall pass.




are where

I hide

my sorrows

from the






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