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Wordless Wednesday – 45





Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #202

Hide and seek

the seasons play –

one day it’s Winter

and the next, Spring comes to stay.


Swaying with the caressing breeze

overnight, the trees bloom.

All that was brown and bare

is now in a lush green costume.


The buds, blushing in morning dew,

look like a child’s cheek red with joy.

Exquisitely they bloom before dusk

and adulthood they seem to enjoy.


Tell me, could it be magic

all this swift change of scene?

Is there someone with a wand

veiled behind the sky, the big screen?


This is my entry for Carry On Tuesday – Prompt #202 – Could it be magic?



Wordless Wednesday – 41


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At the break of dawn,

as the full moon steps aside,

yesterday’s faltering emotions die.

And at the touch of the first rays of sun,

new hopes spring where there was once none.


This is my entry for 3WW CCLXXXIIIfalter, emotion, touch.



Standing at the crossroads (Carry On Tuesday #166)

Lightning strikes; thunders roar.

A storm in the making, inside and out.

Does she dance to the happy tunes?

Or let her distressed heart feel the gloom?

Droplets grace her cheeks, tears or rain?

Only she knows whether she chose joy or pain,

until a sweet smile appears and her face glows –

her mind’s made up, standing at the crossroads.

To let peace take her side; to let go of the storm inside

And to embrace beauty, with arms wide.


This is my entry for Carry On Tuesday, Prompt #166 – Standing at the crossroads



The Thursday Think Tank # 82 – The Road

A blank white canvas

turns into a work of art

with footprints of love.


Snow covered road

Untouched. Undisturbed.

Also unloved?


This is my entry for The Thursday Think Tank # 82 – The Road

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One Single Impression: Prompt 172 – Miss (Long for)

Miss You

Memories of you invade my night.
I smile and sob as I reminisce the past.
Stars across the sky I use to write,
Stories of us, so forever they last.

You and I, the tale starts.
Of our love, grief and joy there are parts.
Undo I wish to do of your death to give hope to lovers’ hearts.


This is my entry for One Single Impression: Prompt 172 – Miss.



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