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Spring Rain

Little droplets falling from heaven –

divine blessings it offers with every touch;

merry verses it hums with the gentle breeze;

and, a million stories it shares –

with all who can sense that brief

hiatus time then takes.

One day songs will be sung; tales will be told –

of a silly girl who always paused

and looked up whenever time stood still.

(or was it that time stood still whenever she looked up?)

Will you stop

to listen

to her story; to her song –

about how the little droplets falling from heaven

always blessed her with a spring under her steps

as she rejoiced under the pouring sky?


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Dark chilly night. Hymn of rain falling flows in the background. The music of Tibetan meditation chants fills the air with peace. A book in hand, I settle on the couch with a comforter to keep me warm and cozy. What do I do? you ask. I point to the book lying on the coffee table. You pick it up and sit next to me; I rest my legs on yours. The fragrance of lilies diffuses all around us. As if the books are instruments, our hands play with its strings, the pages – turning them one after another, creating a melody. My heart melts little by little as you read through the chapter animatedly. Love, everywhere. Some moments are stolen by the silent, smiling glances we exchange. Bliss.

In that hour, every blink, every word, every thought, every sigh, every breath – all of it becomes a prayer.

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The Home that was and the Home that is

It’s been two months now since I left beloved Boston.

 Given Boston was home to me in every sense;  given the amount of tears I shed at the thought of leaving that place; given the time I spent thinking of how poetic a city I was saying goodbye to –  I should say that I’ve adapted well to the new home.

BUT… I miss Boston.

I miss the coffee shops we frequented. There was this one particular café where one of the waiters was generous enough to smile at most people but me. Every time we went there, I would make sure I made eye contact with him as many times as possible just so I can smile at him and wait for him to reciprocate. (No, he was not a handsome young man I was determined to flirt with; I usually smile at anyone I make eye contact with and I like it when the other person responds). I kept trying, determined not to give up, all the while entertaining K with my failed attempts. Everyone has a breaking point and it was only a matter time before one of us reached ours. One fine evening, we entered the café, ordered the usual, settled down in our seats and I looked around so I can start my most favorite activity – terrorizing that poor soul, as K would put it.  I spotted him. I smiled. And lo and behold, his lips slightly curled into a smile! From that day on our secret game saw its end and he stuck to that grin. He never properly smiled at me, but the shy grin that escaped, the one that he could no longer keep hidden was prize enough. Had I met him before leaving, I don’t know if I would’ve smiled. How do you smile a smile that says goodbye? It so happened though that the last few times we were there, he was not around. And I never got to see how I would have bid him farewell.

I miss the long walks. The numerous times I’ve walked home after work instead of taking the train just because… Trying hard not to sway to the tune of the powerful seaside wind. Reading a book as I walked, but then switching to listening to songs as the sun went down. Watching the full moon rise behind the horizon. Taking a stroll along the riverside; sitting on the bench and dipping toes into the Charles to check how cold the water was. Walking around in Cambridge – the sights, the sounds, the people!

I miss Boston Commons. How much entertainment the squirrels there provided! The skating rink where children gathered around in summer to splash in the water – little feet running around, or trying to swim. Going through the Public Gardens; stopping every few seconds to take in the colors of all the flowers in the spring or to listen to a street musician performing with his heart and soul.

I miss taking the T. I miss aimlessly strolling in the downtown area during lunch hour. I miss the market where I bought flowers from all summer. I miss my favorite restaurants. I miss the bookshops. I miss the evening walks through Newbury St. I miss the museums and the aquarium. I miss going to the North End during the weekends and being amazed at how much traffic that one bakery got. I miss the movie theater. I miss…

I miss Boston. BUT…

Life in the new home has its own beauty and charm.

I wake up every morning to a smile that brightens my day. The other thing that invariably adds color to my day is the greenery…both around the office and home. Birds chirping, crickets creaking, deers and rabbits sharing the trails, fireflies lighting up all around…a nature lover’s paradise! And then there are the thunderstorms – they have gained a special spot in my heart, I tell you. I’ve always loved rain – aahhh, the scent of earth drenched in rain!   And, it looks like, thunderstorms double the delight, even though the noise scares me to no end.

Lying on the hammock, taking in the crisp scent of pouring rain, reading a book and running to find company as soon as I hear a big thunder crash – all this while the other person is busy performing culinary experiments – Bliss! And that is exactly what life has been the past couple of months. Touchwood.

(Oh, did I mention, we have been frequenting one of the best coffee shops here and I’ve found a barista at that café here who refuses to smile? (although this person, I believe, doesn’t smile at anyone).  Let the game begin!)

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Beads of Peace

“So tell me, what’s the happy news? You sound bubbly and all chirpy.”

…asks the best friend just after hearing a few words of hi hello from me.

“I thought you weren’t feeling good. It’s surprising, then, that you sound so refreshed.”

…tells the mother right after she listens to me talk for few seconds.

But why, I had to ask myself. Because, you see, the day is not anything special; it’s no different than a typical one. So why was everyone telling me I sound extra delightful? (Ok fine, “everyone” might be an exaggeration because anyone that dealt with me right after I woke up this morning would beg to differ :P, but that’s a different story for later, ok?).

Well, all the pondering about what was keeping me in this jolly good mood today led me to only one answer – rain…yes, rain, that’s what’s keeping me in high spirits despite all the work, the pain and what not.

My love affair with rain is not something new; it’s been there forever…even on this blog I’ve mentioned before that rain sets fire to my romance with life. So saying that it’s been refreshing to experience non-stop downpour here for the past couple of days doesn’t really come as a surprise (even though I couldn’t really enjoy it over the weekend).  As I sit here and gaze out the window, I can’t help but marvel at the tiny drops of liquid pearls falling down the sky. Those beautiful beads hitting the window pane and shinning over the candle light is bliss to watch. And then, of course, the rhythm of falling rain wins over every other soothing music there is. It’s more than enough to calm the chaos in my mind and rejuvenate my soul, even without me realizing it.

What more can I ask for? Oh wait, there is one thing – it looks like every droplet is coming down to embrace me with love, so it’s time to return the love and get drenched, don’t you think? :). Doesn’t matter the cold/cough that I might have to deal with later, it’s worth it…a few mins under the showery sky is totally worth anything. So, here I go…

Rain’s been making me float on cloud nine today. What about you? What’s making you happy?


A few moments of joy…

… amid the chaos called life.

When was the last time you cherished a sunrise or a sunset? When was the last time you got drenched in that monsonn rain? When was the last time you truly enjoyed the first snow in winter? When was the last time you went out for a moonlit walk? When was the last time you stopped to listen to birds chirping? When was the last time you enjoyed the little pleasures of life instead of taking them for granted?

From time to time, I get so carried away in the memories that mark the past, the ever-changing waves of the present or the unpredictable future. But there are these moments of pure pleasure I experience amidst all the chaos. Today, my moment of joy was the rain that I woke up to – it brought immense joy.

What is it that I exactly feel on a rainy day? What makes me love rain so much? How can just a few moments watching the raindrops fall give me all the comfort I can ask for? Every time I live through a rainy day, I desperately try to find words to describe what my heart wants to say. And all my efforts have always been hopeless.

There is something so appealing and captivating about rain. Rain, the image of purity, transforms me, my mood. Everything around me appears to be part of a paradise. Everyone, somehow, seem to perfectly complement my state of mind. Everywhere, serenity prevails. Rain fills me with a delight for life. Rain brings out the child in me. Rain encourages me to aim for perfection. Rain immerses me in so much zeal for life. Rain becomes a source of my inspiration to make others happy in the smallest ways possible. Rain makes my heart grow in fondness. Rain sets fire to my romance with life !

And life is good !

What is it that brings out that spark in you every once in a while?

PS: Thank you to all my dear readers who wrote to check if all is well with me. I’m really grateful for all the attention and care you have sent my way !


Rain and ME

On this lovely drizzly misty day,
I could only wish you weren’t so far away…

…as I sit here with my tears hoping for them to be washed away by rain; I wish you were here to see me drain my pain
…as I smile at the rain with so much joy and bliss; I wish you were here to hold me and kiss

…as I wait here for the rain to stop, but it turns to a bad storm; I wish you were here to give me company till I go home
…as I step into the street and the rain soaks me; I wish you were here to come with me for a hot cup of tea

As I see the raindrop slowly fall and the lightning shine,
I could only wonder why you are not around to let our lives intertwine

…if you were here, I would tell you how much I love you, my dear
…if you were here, I would be more open and let go of my fear
…if you were here, I would hold your hands and dance in rain
…if you were here, I would break the chain and be more insane

But, on this lovely drizzly misty day,
I could only wish you weren’t so far away…


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